Quality Inn-Florida Mall
8700 S Orange Blossom Trl
Orlando, FL 32809-7912

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Stayed at this hotel on 1/25/13 for one night only and will never return. Arrived late and went straight to bed only to wake up early that morning scratching. I thought it was in my mind until I started looking on the sheets & I noticed what I thought were brown spots. I grabbed a tissue to touch what I thought was a spot and when I picked it up and pressed the tissue became full of blood. Yikes! All of the brown spots were bedbugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took photos and the tissue to the front desk and

the attendant quietly said thank you for informing us we will look into it. I requested to speak with a Manager but was told he was unavailable. I called back that week & was transfered to the rude, nasty, unproffesional manager that asked me how could he help me & after I said the room has bedbugs. he said,"I'll check into it." Then he hung the phone up on me before I could say anything else. I made a complaint with Choice Hotels and was refunded for the one night of hell. My clothing from that night along with other items are still in a bag in the trunk of my car because I'm afraid to bring that stuff into my house. Yuck!

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21st birthday July 26-29th 2012 booked two nights and didnt even stay 1 hour. Yes this was recent and they only gave me a refund for 1day.
I quickly packed my stuff and went to the Hampton Inn acriss the street.True life savers!!!!!!

Me and my boyfriend had just arrived at the hotel at 10am (early flight) and we had to wait until 1pm before we could get a room...The same room I booked 3 days prior. I opened the door and it smelt like something was burning, the room was horrible at fi

rst sight. Layed down for about 20 minutes(Napping) then I jumped up and said lets go out somewhere, thats when I noticed five to Seven little bugs on my pillow and a ton more when I moved the cover back. Immediatley called the office and had to show one of the maintenance guys what I was talking about because they claim they had noooii idea what these bugs where. Moved me to another room and it just had a bad vibe to it....Not to mention the beds didnt look like King size ones.STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOTEL EVERYONE.

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Me and 2 friends were staying at this hotel. I've stayed here over 6 times the past 4 months because it is convenient and close to several locations. Unfortunately, a month or so after my first stay in October I had a huge bedbug infestation in my apartment. I had no idea where they came from and it cost me way too much to get rid of them. Yesterday I went back to the same hotel with my friends and I woke up in the middle of the night paranoid and scratching myself like crazy and my friend told

me it was some sort of mosquito so I just went back to sleep. In the morning I woke up with a lot of bites all over my arms and neck and my friend shouted that he found a bed bug on the other bed and we caught it. It was HUGE. I took it down to the management and complained and the lady that was at the front desk said that there were several rooms with huge infestations but no one was near those rooms. Still, what the hell. Anyways, now I know were the hell I came in contact with bedbugs now.

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Januart 5, 2012

ABSOLUTE WORST experience ever. I was given a room which was INFESTED with bed bugs.They were crawling on the walls. I have video to prove it! I kept scratching non-stop and woke at 1 30 am to find the bed infested with full grown bed bugs. When we killed them they were filled with blood. I looked it up online and others have had the same problem. The owner (who was there because three rooms were flushing their toilets and sewage water was coming out of the tub) told me tha

t because I had a pet I had brought them in! (which is what i read online is what he tells people). I had to change rooms which was next to a train track. I went to sleeep at 4 am and at 5 I was awoken by a train. The breakfast area and rooms were dirty and the air unit was broken and had all the dust showing ! Then even though I asked for a late checkout. He had the audacity to come knocking at my door (not calling) to tell me that I was late for check out. Oh and to top it off we called the room the next night and there was a man staying there that discovered the bugs while We were telling him to check his bed.

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We were traveling in a group with 3 rooms two of the 3 rooms we found bugs in our beds one guest was moved to anther room after the manager seem not to be too concerned. He said people bring them in and there is nothing that can be done, I find this sad we now have to take the precaution and care to assure our homes do not become infested. I will be taking steps needed to be sure this sort of thing does not happen to others!

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