Marriott Orlando World Center Resort
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Orlando, FL 32821

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8/19/13- got into bed around 12:am. Was on the 7th floor -north tower. Killed a very large bed bug which was on my bed near my pillow. There was a lot of blood. This was my first night, so the blood was not from me. I called the desk who called security. Security person took a photo of the bed bug and then found another live bed bug in the headboard. They then put me in another room on another floor and advised me they would not charge me for that night. After repacking and unpacking, I did not

get back to bed for another hour or so. Was exhausted the next day; but glad I had avoided being bitten. An experience which left me wondering just how frequently this occurs in this hotel. I slept with the light on for the remainder of my stay!

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March 12th, 2013: Woke up at 6 am for an early flight. When we turned the light on, I noticed many blood spots on our sheets. Alarmed, I started to check the sheets. Could see many very little bugs walking around (they are not very fast; some bigger black and smaller red). Because we had turned the light on, they were all going back home, which seem to be behind the headboards (we had two beds in our room and I spotted some on each headboard, but considerably more on the headboard of the bed my

husband and I had slept in. I easily counted more than two dozens!!!). The headboard is in fabric with a wood frame. They were all getting in the seam between the fabric and the frame. I guess their nest is behind the headboard. I'm freaking out; so afraid to bring this back home!

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I stayed for christmas eve and they allowed an early check-in, we got there at 9 am, My children and husband went out to the pool right away and I went to bed and stayed sleeping for a few hours, My husband came in to wake me up to go out and enjoy the pool. As soon as I went out I felt intense itching on my legs, they started getting red, I thought i would be having an allergic reaction as my itching continued. I went back to the room and layed down in the same spot and stayed for about 30 mi

ns. I went out again an the itching was getting more intense. The inching continued all day and night, in the morning we checked out at 9 am and left the itching continued and even with benadryl lotion intense itching, I had asked everyone else if they had any itching and no one but me had it so I still thought it was an allergic reaction. Later on Christmas day I noticed that the affected areas actually looked like insect bites to which i started doing research and came to the conclusion that it was nothing but bedbugs. I called the Hotel and asked them to reimburse my stay and to please go and take care of the room so other guests will not be affected. The mgr. said that by the time I called other guests should have complained and no one had complained so nothing was done to reimburse my expenses, or my great gift of itching on Christmas and 4 days later.

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