La Quinta Inn Orlando North International Drive
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Orlando, FL 32819-8245

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Stayed during the week of June 9-13. We had never had problems with bedbugs and were unaware of the signs. The room itself was musty and we complained about that. My family suffered from some bites but we thought it was mosquitoes. By mid July I had a rash up and down my arms and places on my legs. I thought I had gotten into poison oak or the like. In mid September at 2 AM my husband felt something crawling on his face. He got up and went to the bathroom and sure enough found a bug. We

pulled back the covers and the bottom of our bed had several. When we pulled the sheets off the bed we found thousands. Disgusting! We threw the mattresses out of the house and called the exterminator as soon as the office opened. This was the only vacation we had taken, so the bedbugs had to come from this hotel. Next time we will tear the beds apart before we unload our car.

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