La Quinta Inn Orlando International Drive
8300 Jamaican Ct
Orlando, FL 32819-9313

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On October 18th, 2013, our family checked into the La Quinta Inn. The room was extremely damp and had a very musty odor to it. My husband left the AC running on HI hoping the dampness would be taken care of. We left our room at 4:00pm and returned around 1:00am. My 5 year old boy fell asleep on the way back so as soon as we walked into the room we laid him down to sleep. Around 3:30am I went over to my son to tuck him in. That's when I saw a fairly noticeable bug crawling across the pillow going

towards his head. Because I had never seen a bed bug before I thought it was a regular bug and squashed it with my fingers. That's when I noticed a very odd smell the bug gave off.I thought it was a stink bug. Therefore,I didn't think much of it and washed my hands. As I returned to my son's bedside I saw another bug crawling towards his head!I caught it again, squished it only to find blood all over my fingers. That's when I knew something wasn't right. I frantically searched the internet to read more about bed bugs and to see images of them. I decided to flip over the blankets and pillows in search of more of them. Sure enough I found little baby ones crawling under the blanket.I was able to catch one without killing it and took a picture so that I could compare it to the google images. All of the bugs that I had found were bed bugs, just in different stages. I woke my husband and told him that I didn't want to sleep in that room anymore. The Inn gave us another room at 4:30am. We noticed the new room smelled so much better. We also received comp on the room, but for sure I will never go to La Quinta again!

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