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We have just received the report posted by "Aaron" regarding posible bed bugs at one of our Orlando locations. He has not made our offices aware of his claims directly. However, keeing our rooms pest free is of critical importance to InTown Suites.

We will investigate Aaron's issue and address it immediately with the help of our pest control vendor.

I apologize for "replying" to Aaron's post via a new post. However, I could not find a way for businesses to respond to posts on this s

ite. I will of course also send an email to the site administrator with my full contact information.

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At this weekly renting motel I had half of my things moved in and the other half in the car. It looked like a pretty nice clean room and had a double bed and a couch. It got dark and I went out to get some food at a somewhat distant location for about 45 min, turning off the lights when I left. I returned to see one bedbug crawling on the bathroom floor and then going to look round the bed there was one right on top of the bed. I wish I had never rented here and want to warn you not to stay here


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