Disneys Contemporary Resort
4600 N World Dr, Lake Buena Vista
Orlando, FL

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Came back with three bed bug bites on my foot after staying at this hotel. I've had them before and know exactly what they look and feel like. Stayed at the end of January, 2014.

Stayed in the tower above monorail and my one year old was bitten by bed bugs. I am afraid I might have brought them home.

Stayed at Contemporary resort June 19, 2010 - can't remember the room we stayed, however we noticed some bites but were unsure what they were after the first night, On day three Disney called to inform us that the housekeeper noticed bed bugs. They took all possessions and steam cleaned and moved us to another room. Overall the experience was difficult and ruined the rest of the vacation. The items steam cleaned were returned a day later and multiple items were damaged and ruined, however Dis

ney did pay for the ruined clothing etc.

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Stayed at Disney's Contemporary resort 3/25-4/1/09. We stayed in the Garden Wing room 6128, which is first floor pretty near the beach/pool.
d. One night we were only left with 2 large t

We found a bed bug on a pillow. Now it was about half way through the stay and I went to get in bed and moved a pillow that was stacked on top another. There was the bug on the pillow underneath. It was brown and about the size of an apple seed. I put it in a ziploc and searched for evidence of more bugs. I

didn't see anything but didn't know to take the sheets off and inspect the mattress. I've never seen a bed bug and I thought they were much smaller. This looked to me like a tick but different than the ticks in Nebraska. Since I saw no evidence of any other bugs and none of us were itching at the time we didn't complain. When I got home I googled bed bugs and there is no question that is what it is. I still have my ziploc and it's still alive after 13 days and has laid some eggs! Wish I would have complained now. I have all my laundry and luggage in the garage so hopefully we avoided bringing anything home. I have composed a letter to Disney with pictures about the matter so they can at least fumigate that room. I doubt nor do I expect that they'll do anything for me.

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