Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort
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Stayed there (Martinique) in August 2015. Found no bed bugs. Rooms were clean. Family and I had a great time.

Stayed here over the Memorial Day weekend (2015). My husband & I did a thorough search in the room and found nothing at all. Slept great. Excellent service. I will definitely be back to this hotel! Had an awesome time!!!

Stayed in Trinidad south. Pirate room. Late Nov. Had no issues while there. Got back and a few weeks later had a major infestation of bugs and can't get rid of them. Hotel was no help and did not care. I would not stay there again if they paid me. Costed me over $3500 as of now and still going up. Stay away from there.

Week of July-Aug.2013
Woke up first morning at Disney with a bug on my leg and 3 bites that look like pimples. Showed my husband and he thought it was a bedbug and I just immediately flicked it off of me. Later that night we flipped the sheets back and didn't find anything or bloodstains. My kids didn't seem to have any bites either. I was the only one bit and didn't think that the resort hotel would actually have bedbugs. So we didn't think to complain or ask for another room. Might ha

ve also been in denial since it was Disney and didn't want to ruin our vacation worrying about these bugs. It was a small bug that resembled a tick. We have been home now for 2 weeks and I looked up bedbugs and this blog and now think it was one for sure. Nervous and Scared now- hope we didn't bring any home. Interesting thought makes me think of song "Bedbugs and Ballyhoo".

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Stayed in Trinidad South, 3404 (Pirate Room) September 15th-20th, 2012. No bedbugs found. Room was clean and bug free. We enjoyed our stay and had a wonderful vacation. Would definitely stay there again!

We stayed from 9/12/2012-9/18/2012 in Martinique Building 23. After searching thoroughly nightly, there were no signs of creepy crawlies. This is the best moderate Disney resort. Enjoy.

Stayed in room 3636 of Trinidad south (pirate room), from 8/2/12 to 8/9/12, did a very through search of room (everywhere!) & continued to look nightly (big fear of these buggars) & found no bed bugs. Brought our own sheets & all clothes packed were in ziplock bags.

Carribbean Beach Resort, Aruba building 56 9/23-10/3/2011. No bed bugs found

Just wanted to report no bed bugs in the 3 rooms my family occupied during our stay from 11/19-11/26. I removed all sheets from the beds and inspected the headboards and mattresses with a flashlight. The rooms were clean and in good condition. We stayed in Martinique 2601, 2602 and 2307. Had a great time.

Just want to post that my parents took my son and my brother's family from 11/1-11/4 and I was super-worried b/c of the recent posts of bedbugs but my mother searched both rooms and found no signs and no one was bitten so we seem to have gotten lucky. So not EVERY room here has a problem--be vigilant is my advice. They had a wonderful, magical, disney- time!

We checked into the resort on Sat. 10/15, and checked out Thurs. 10/20 - Trinidad South, rm 3747. My daughter woke up the first morning with a few red bites. The third night, I awoke with a couple of itchy bites. I did not check the mattress - made sure to keep luggage off of beds and up on a high shelf just in case. My son and husband did not have any bites, and I am just now reporting this to the hotel.

I arrived at Disneys Caribbean Beach Resort on Monday, October 17th, 2011. I first noticed the bites on Tuesday the 18th, around noon...The red spots were small and not very itchy. This changed within an hour or so...before I knew it, I was scratching at them constantly. I assumed it was a mosquito, as I had killed two in the room. Frankly I was too busy (I was in Orlando for work) to think much of it. On the plane on the 20th coming home, I finally started to take note of the fact that the coup

le of red spots I had noticed were now several more...nearly 30. They were on my neck, my arm, my hand, and a couple on my torso. Upon returning home this afternoon, I called the resort and told them my concern. They said they would inspect the room and let me know the results. Several hours later, I got the call that INDEED my room, BARBADOS 1652 WAS POSITIVE for BEDBUGS. I was disgusted. I immediately threw out my suitcase & some clothing. I treated the rest with very expensive spray I found at Duane Reade & put everything (shoes included) in the dryer on high heat for 45 minutes before hanging it up. I hope this was caught early enough and I've not brought any bedbugs back with me and caused an infestation in my apartment. I am speaking to the claims dept tomorrow and I expect them to replace my suitcase, pajamas, & to cover any and all costs regarding an inspection of my apartment in a week and any subsequent treatments necessary. Although they handled the matter in the best way they could, if housekeeping checked for bedbugs regularly when they change the bedding, these things could be prevented or at least limited.

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We were booked to stay in the middle of august , on arrivial the hotel looked like a cheap motel you would find on the side of the road, plus a very small lobby. We were placed on the jamacian side and when I entered the room, I saw two small bugs on the wall, one being a shell of a bug and the other being dead on the wall, I had the bellhop pick up the shell, and it looked like the shell of a bedbug, but I at first dismayed it as a tree bug since there are alot of trees and branches, then in th

e corner I found a dead cockroach on its back with a spider web attached, indicating that this room, had not been properly cleaned in awhile. Then I checked on the bed, not even lifting up the blanket spread, I find the fecial matter of bed bugs or some type of bugs (it looked like crumbs but I know better that it wasnt) they were the shells and dropping of in fact, BED BUGS. I look on the bed more closey and find 4 little black brownish bugs, some being rounded and some not (they only become completly round and plump when they are feed recently) I flipped out threw my luggage out of the room and then the manager I demanded that I wanted to be switched to a new hotel for a better room, and the manager sent me over to coronado springs, I was absolutly happy with coronado, the rooms were very clean. Caribbean = dirty and filty. Plus the manager called me and informed me it was just spiders...bullcrap !

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We stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort from June 12th 2011 to June 18th 2011, and THOUGHT that the room was clean and bed bug free. Much to my dismay, about three days after coming home, I woke up with an itchy rash on my arms and abdomen. I dismissed it as a sunscreen reaction at first, but as they became more prevalant and more bothersome, I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with BED BUG bites. I was horrified and disgusted. I called the resort to report it, and they said they'd ch

eck into it. I've now washed all my bedding and clothing, vaccummed, and thrown my luggage away. I have spent the last two days cleaning and looking for signs of bedbugs in my home, and have not found any yet, although I understand that can be quite elusive creatures. Now all I can do is watch, wait, and PRAY that they didn't hitch-hike home with us. For any of you traveling, I would advise staying away from this resort, or doing a THOUROUGH inspection of your own before settling into a room.

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Just got back (May 27 2011 to Jun 2 2011) and I happily report no bed bugs found. We stayed in Trinidad South and we all had a wonderful vacation.

We stayed in the Martinique in this resort and while I did not see evidence of bedbugs. The rooms were filthy, it felt like a cheap motel and for the money it should have been cleaner and not so abused. The outside and pool areas looked nice but the headboards, night stands, carpets and bathrooms in the rooms were disgusting.

We just stayed in Jamaica room 4228 from 4/10/11 to 4/15/11 and there were NO bed bugs thankfully. Enjoyed our stay.

We checked into Trinidad North rooms 3232 and 3231 starting 10/12/2010. I had read the previous reports on this site and was already on guard. We got to the room about 8 PM and I started inspecting while my wife got the kids ready for bed. I had just read an article that said to use a flashlight and to start by inspecting the headboard. Right away in 3231 I noticed small brown bugs that were dead and stuck in the layer of dust at the top of the headboard near the posts. After looking for awhile,

I found 2 live bugs crawling on the headboard post near the bottom. They are small and brown, only about 1/16 inch long. In 3232 I did not find as many dead bugs in the headboard dust, but I did intercept a bug crawling across the mattress pad. At this point we called the manager. She called their pest control guy and he came to our rooms. He pulled off more bedding and we looked some more. In 3231 I found another live bug behind the headboard (they lift off the wall), and then I found about 3 or 4 on the back of the bench/ottoman thing next to the wall. The pest control guy confirmed they were bed bugs. At this point the manager found 2 new rooms for us and we evacuated. The bad part was that all suitcases and clothing, including the clothes we had on, needed to be sent to their cleaners for treatment. We had some clothes in our car that we could wear the next day, but my in-laws didn't have anything to wear, so the manager took them to the Port Royale store and bought them clothes. The whole episode took about 5 hours to find and confirm the bugs, move 5 sleeping kids (while changing their pajamas outside) and get everything else taken care of. So it was a major pain. It took Disney until 8:00 PM the next day to return all of our belongings. I strongly advise people to stay away from this resort. If you have no choice, at least bring a flashlight and check the headboard and ottoman before you bring your stuff in the room.
How about renaming this place the Caribbean Bed Bug Resort?

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We stayed at this resort June 21, 2010 until June 30,2010. The first couple of nights we were fine. Then Istarted waking up with welts all over me. I had started going to bed with bug spray on. That seemed to help. We asked the housekeeping and they said they had reports of a bug problem in a few of their hotels but not this one. When we leave and come home, I am still having this problem. I have been treated for what is believed to be an allergic reaction. Had an allergy test done, nothing show

s up. I have been on steroid after steroid. Yet I still have welts all over me they are starting to scab over. It is absolutely terrible constantly itching. We had insurance through travelguard and I called them to file a complaint and they said well I hate that for ya. We can reiumburse you for medical expenses but thats it. Well my insurance paid for the medical expenses. I am planning on filing a law suit. I am still having problems and nothing seems to be helping it. Something needs to be done. Either Disney or the TravelGuard company need to step up and take responsibility. Hope no one else has to go through this.

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My family of 5 stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort Nov 7 - 15, 2009 in Jamaica room 4663. After our 6th night there while we were at Epcot, my husband got a call on his cell phone from the hotel staff saying there was a problem in our room and we would have to move. They sent in a pest expert and confirmed that we had bed bugs. At the time, none of us had any bites and had not seen any signs. Honestly, I had never even considered the possibility of bed bugs in my hotel room!

We arrived

back at the hotel around 10:00 p.m. and needless to say, we were not happy. The manager on staff met with us and was wonderful. She told us that one staff member would be waiting for us at our room to identify anything safe to remove (basically just our laptop, food items, and toiletries) and that all of our other belongings (luggage included) would be taken and decontaminated in a heat room. Because all of our clothes would need to be decontaminated, they had another staff member take us to the hotel store to buy pajamas and clothes for all of us for the next day - pants, shirts, underwear, socks, shoes, sweatshirts...everything. (Even stuffed animals for our kids who were devastated that their bedtime "friends" were going to need a bath.) They also refunded us the last two nights of our trip. In addition, they helped move our 7:10 a.m. Chef Mickey reservations for the next day to dinnertime since there was no way we'd make it there that early after being up dealing with a room switch until midnight. Our belongings were returned to us the following evening. Our clothes had all been laundered for us.

We were certainly not happy to have bedbugs in our hotel room, but feel that Disney did everything they could to have it not ruin our vacation. We only wish that this would have been caught sooner. They told us that the housekeeping staff checks for bed bugs daily, but I'm not sure how they could have missed this if daily checks were really happening.

It was only after we arrived home that the bites began showing up. My husband, my baby and I have not had any bites as of yet, but my other two kids are covered in bites (over one hundred of them on each of them). It is completely disgusting to me to think that there were critters all over them while they slept. They have itched like crazy. We are just praying that none of the bugs followed us home.

Unfortunately, travel will never be the same again. I will certainly be much more guarded and will insist we check the room thoroughly before staying. The Caribbean Beach Resort is a great hotel and it happened there. Bed bugs can happen anywhere!

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October 3 2009
As all others report: Fleas and bedbugs,
Disney apparently has done nothing to correct
this problem. Trinidad 2nd FLoor of Bldg 37

My family of four stayed at this hotel, in Jamaica 4354 on 8/14/09-8/18/09. We noticed some bites the second day there and assumed they were mosquito bites. I have never heard of or seen bed bugs before. I just thought it was a silly old kiddy saying "don't let the bed bugs bite". Well, after getting home, all four people have bites all over our bodies and I am totally disgusted. I even remember the kids waking up and saying, "wow, what are those red spots all over the sheets, they weren't ther

e before!" I ignored them because it sounded crazy. Well, I am currently dealing with the hotel management and we will see how it is handled. I will try to reply to let you know what the result was. BEWARE!

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Same thing happen to us. We woke up with bites &
assumed it was moquistoes also. We were with a group and we all stayed @ that resort. Luckily we found them & asked for our linen to be changed. We were only there 3 nights. We had our homes sprayed when we returned home,just in case.
The bites lasted for weeks till they went away. All in all out of 9 people on the trip 7 were bitten.

Disney Caribbean Beach Resort arrived on 2/20/09.
Had an allergic reaction & had to be moved to another room within that resort. Noticed bites but thought it was mosquitoes bites. Next night had a more severe reaction to bites & difficulty breathing. Requested to be moved to another resort. Next morning moved to Fort Wilderness. Had to go to a walk in clinic to get cortisone shot & was advised to you epipen (which I carry for bee stings).The doctor said I had a sinus infection from exposure to

an allergic reaction. I was also given a Z pac & then 2 days later augmentin when I was not responding. I felt really ill.
I had brought 2 sets of sheets on the trip.
I used the 2nd set of my own sheets @ Fort Wilderness for the remainder of the stay. I removed the blanket & the bedspread & I did not get bitten again for the remainder os the stay.

When I got home I saw my regular doctor who then gave me another shot. After about a week I seemed to be on the mend.
Then about 9 to 14 days later I was getting bites.And the whole process began again. I called an exterminator. After a call to him & my doctor...& seeing a dermatologist they all agreed & said it sounded like bedbugs. They had said they probably came home with you on your luggage.I was not familiar with them so naturally
I then contacted the department of agriculture.They instructed me where & how to look for the bugs.They said using a flashlight in a dark room on the bedding.
Keep in mine @ the Caribbean Resort I did bring my own bedding & actually covered Disney's bedding & I also removed the blanket & the bedspread & did not use either. And sprayed Lysol.
The problem was I brought the sheets home with me & they were laundered in new front end loaded washer & dyer. Which I am now know told does not get to heat capacity to kill bed bugs. Also evidence showed my luggage was infested as well as my vehicle.
The dept. of agriculture asked that I capture some of the bugs on clear tape so they could be identified. There are 2 types. These bed bugs were considered to be the tropical variety.

Up north exterminators send in a dog who has been trained to sniff out the bugs & their location. They then use a freezing tech who comes in & sprays with a form of liquid nitro.that reaches 40 degrees below & the bed bugs die..including the eggs.
However I was in Louisiana & it took 3 weeks of spraying every product known to man to rid my home & my vehicle of them. Another spraying to sterilize the eggs so they could not reproduce.At which time all bedding including mattresses & box springs, all furniture & carpet & rugs ,all window dressing had to be discarded.All clothing had to be put in the freezer and/or soaked in vinegar & washed it bleach. Everything not made of cloth had to be sprayed with chemicals. I was out of my home for that period because I am also allergic to insecticides.
Also because now the bites had cause an allergic reaction.My allergist discovered I was allergic to their saliva. When biting you the bed bugs release an anagestic to allow their victim to remain asleep as they feed... usually 15 minutes twice nightly. It took 3 months & 7 specialist & several medicines to recover from the bed bug bites.

I then started getting a rash that covered my body. I was having some upper respiratory problems & muscle cramping & some digestive problems. as a result of the symptoms I was sent to another infectious disease doctor who linked bed bugs to a 2nd parasite they can transmit on to their victim. I was tested for Strongyloides Stercoralis. A parasite that left untreated has the capacity to kill you. I tested negative once but positive 3 times. They now have me on herbs & foods that parasites hate.
I am allergic to the medicine used to treat the parasite because it contains insecticide. The same medication they give to dogs when they have parasites.So the doctors are refraining from that treatment & saving it for a last resort if necessary.
Presently we are working with a parasite specialist who specializes in this parasite. I consider myself to be an optimistic person
...so I have faith that things will work out.
I also trust that God will see me through this.

Let me say we had visited Disney World 13 times prior to this with out a problem. When I contacted Disney World they filed a claim. I asked that the resort be tested & sprayed. They
sent me back a letter stating no bed bugs were found. Naturally they took no responsibility for any of the cost... which was nearly $11,000.
I didn't really think they would but let's hope they sprayed.
The bed bugs find one victim they bite in a household. And they will follow their scent for up to 50 yards. It is very likely if that info is correct they have followed their victims home. So I urge you ..if you get bitten on vacation or even see evidence of bugs on the bedding...check your luggage & your clothing before entering your home & also check your vehicle.The victim does not always feel the biting. And some people are not effected by the bites.
If you bring your own sheets buy inexpensive ones & leave them. Don't bring them home in your vehicle or suitcase. Don't use the blanket or the bedspreads provided by the resort.
They are not laundered on a regular basis & certainly not in between each guest stay. I know as I was the manager's asst. in a major hotel.

Don't stop going on vacation & enjoying yourself
but be aware that bed bugs do live in even the most expensive resorts. People coming in from planes & other locations carry them in on their luggage. In Disney World you are dealing with people from around the world who may just be immune to them so they don't realize they are transporting them.

Hope this info prevents someone else from experiencing what I had to experience.

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