Disneys Boardwalk Resort
8500 Lake Vista Ct
Orlando, FL 32821-6394

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Husband and I both were bitten by bedbugs at the BW villas. So miserable! This happened to our son 2 year before at Old Key West at Disney, too. So disappointed!!


Stayed in an accessible room on the first floor. Can't remember the room #. Got up in the morning and a bed bug crawled across my pillow. I called the front desk who transferred me (without warning) to the housekeeping manager. She told me they would bring the pest control department to inspect the room but seemed weary. We had saved the bug under a glass and the pest control inspector identified it as an adult bed bug immediately. She thoroughly inspected the mattress and box

spring, which is where she found a second bed bug and declared the room a positive for infestation. She left me with the housekeeping manager, with whom I inventoried every fabric item we brought into the room, so it could be taken for treatment. We were worried about our car, since we had driven in it between arrival and finding out a out the bed bugs. Disney assured us multiple times that it should be fine.

They then had the bug sniffing dog check the new room before we were officially moved in and it was found to be clear of bugs. Our items were returned the next day. Disney replaced our strollers and bought toys for the kids and room service. I'm happy with the way things were handled in Disney. However, I'm still worried about finding them in our home, even though we have taken every precaution I can think of to prevent them.

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We just stayed here with no issues. I checked the room thoroughly. We stayed Jan 30th through Feb 3, 2011. We did see people walking around with evident bites, thankfully not anywhere near our hotel. It was in the parks.

We transferred to the Disney Dream, and no issues there either.

We stayed here 12-25-09 through 1-1-10. There were 7 of us and 5 of the 7 got bites. 2 of us ended up in the hospital. We told Disney before we left and we are waiting to see what they are going to do.

I also just stayed at Disney boardwalk villa studio unit. I got a rash on both arms and so did my uncle, I thought it was a heat rash. I will be calling my dermatologist tomorrow, and disney will get the next call.

We stayed at Disney's Boardwalk Villas in a two bedroom unit from 12/7-12/14, 2008. About three days into the trip my youngest daughter who was sleeping on the sofa bed started breaking out with bumps on her thighs. It then spread to her bottom by the time we left. I was not sure what it was; so I took her to her docter when we got home. He said that it was insect bites. The even better news is that she brought the bed bugs home with her on her pillow. Our whole house has been contaminated

and the exterminator bills are mounting. Disney refuses to help us in any way.

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