Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge
2901 Osceola Pky
Orlando, FL 32830

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we stayed at this hotel between 18-22 June 2013, in room 4405. I got bedbug bites on my legs after the first night. I had bigger health problems while there[(unrelated), so I did not have time to research this or even inquire with the hotel staff. The room did look very clean, but apparently that is not enough to ensure it is bedbug free. Disappointing - this is supposedly one of their deluxe hotels...

We stayed at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House between Sept 23 and Sept 29, 2012, staying in room 3365. Beginning the second morning of our stay, my husband woke with what looked like bites on his legs. Then I began to notice some bites as well. We were so busy enjoying the parks, that we didn't put too much thought into the bites until the 5th morning of our stay my husband realized I was covered from head to toe, and after inspection we realized we ALL were COVERED (even our children a

nd infant). We spent a little time researching what the bites could be and realized they were typical of bed bug bites. We also had noticed the hotel staff changing out the mattresses in many rooms throughout the hotel over the course of our stay (often times wrapped in plastic). My husband did a very prelimary search under the sheets, but did not turn up anything. We did see our mattress had been changed in August 2012. We really knew so little we didn't know were to look. When we checked out of the hotel the next morning, we spoke with the management about our bites and our concerns. They said it was likely fleas, denied knowing anything about bed bugs and told us housekeeping would look at the room and call us later. Later, a housekeeping staff member called us and said the room was fine. Our bites are not in locations typical of flea bites and my reaction to the bites is not typical of my experience with flea bites (I am a veterinarian and have had more than my share of flea bites- these were different). We feel blessed that we could put all of our luggage straight into black plastic yard bags when we arrived home and complete some research about how to clean all our stuff before we infested our home (I did find a few exoskeletons in the bags when I emptied the suitcases- otherwise I did not look closely for bugs b/c I was trying to contain them and just sort our items for cleaning). We are also thankful for hyrdocortisone cream as we were all very itchy for a while. We are leary of ever staying in a hotel ever again, concerned that Disney would deny this problem despite our experience and plan to contact the Animal Kingdom Lodge with the specifics and photos of our experience in hopes of promting them to enact more appropriate measures to ensure other travels have a less bed-buggy experience (and minimize the spread of these pests!).

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