Crowne Plaza Hotel Orlando Universal
7800 Universal Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819

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On Aug 7th after 3 nights at the hotel we found a bug while fluffing our pillows under the bottom pillow towards the inside of the pillowcase. After taking a picture with my phone I was able to zoom in and compare it to a picture of a bed bug I found online - it was identical ! I trapped it in a water bottle and we called front desk immediately, 2 staff members came to our room and said they were sure it was not a bed bug as bed bugs are flat and round and this one was long and bulbous .

ter showing them the comparison of my pic and the ones found online they agreed that it looked to be a bed bug which was slightly different in shape because as the description read ' was an fully engorged adult bed bug ' .

The room was inspected by hotel staff and Orkin pest control and no other bed bugs were found. The staff and director of operations were friendly and professional and offered to put us in another room ( I believe we were in room 906 or 916 ) but I couldn't help feeling they were trying to insinuate that we brought the bed bug in with us by stating that bed bugs can travel on people ( highly unlikely ) , that there is no evidence whatsoever that bed bugs have been living in that room previously and by asking us if we travel a lot and telling us bed bugs travel in ppl's luggage and can live without feeding for over 1 year ...

We chose to cancel our last 3 nights at the hotel and stay elsewhere, the director of operations booked us a room at another hotel ( hotel paid for 1 night ). We were only told about this after it was booked, we would have rather had the opportunity to chose our own hotel to stay at but at that point we were stressed out about having bed bugs in our luggage and bringing it home and the fact that my husband had to miss half his conference being held at the hotel to deal with this situation we just wanted to to go elsewhere .

Overall we were pleased ( for the most part ) with how the hotel delt with the situation .

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Feb 5th: Checked into the hotel after a day at the parks I believe room 1204 (right by the elevators). Took a nap and at dinner started having an allergic reaction in my throat.

Woke up on Sunday and washed my face. Noticed hives on my face. On the way back down to South Florida, I did some research and decided the "hives" were bed bug bites. I called the hotel. They looked into the matter and determined that there was a "small problem" with the room. I ended up having bites on my arm,

back and face.

The hotel has been great with helping us. They comped us a room and offered to pay for our belongings to be dry cleaned. Still unfortunate and not really worth the headache and worry.

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