Bluegreen Resorts
5473 Del Verde Way, Orlando, Fl, 32819-8503
Orlando, FL

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On October 23rd we checked out of a room in building 6 due to the bathroom shower having the top wall and ceiling covered in mold. We moved to building 10 and my husband woke up covered in bites assuming bed bugs. We don't know if it was from the old room or new room. We called and they looked at the bed and changed the sheets in the new room but found nothing. It could of been from the couch as well. The service here is horrible and when you call for assistance they are obviously short handed a

nd can't answer the phone for help. Worst part is we are Bluegreen owners and this place is cheaply and horribly managed!!

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Hundreds of bed bugs in the master bedroom of room 2103. My husband and I discovered the bugs three days after we checked in after continuing to see blood splatters on he sheets. We were moved it of that room, but we sustained hundreds of bed bug bites during that time frame.

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