Howard Johnson Ocala
3951 Nw Blitchton Rd
Ocala, FL 34482

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I stayed here in October and woke up in the middle of the night itching. I flipped my pillows over and there was a bed bug. My bites became infected and I had to be put on medication. I captured it and showed it to the manager and he confirmed it was a bed bug. We all know there's never just one bed bug, so I REALLY hope they treated that room. I haven't been able to sleep in another hotel since.

I stayed at The Howard Johnson Hotel in Ocala Florida on the date of 1/12/2013. All night long I was tossing and turning and not able to sleep because I was severly itching all over. I mentioned this to the receptionist the next day, and there was talk about an allergic reaction to detergent. When I returned home I began severly itching again and took shower to hopefully remove what elements from the hotel's detergant would cause the itching reaction. However, a friend of mine noticed the red sw

ollen marks that came in threes all over my body. Point being, it has been confirmed that I was attacked by bed bugs the night before. I have marks on my forehead, on both my arms, and many on my back. I have taken pictures of these marks for confirmation, and can provide these images on request.

I strongly encourage The Howard Johnson Hotel in Ocala Florida to exterminate room 402 immediately, and inspect the rest of the rooms promptly!

Howard Johnson Inn - Ocala-
3951 NW Blitchton Road, Ocala, FL 34482 United States

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We didn't see bed bugs here when we stayed for one night on our way to Disney and then again for one night on our return home. We had 2 different rooms and both rooms had bugs with wings on them. I am bugaphobic and questioned my husband because I thought they looked like cockroaches. He assured me that cockroaches do not have wings, that we were in Florida and yes, there are bugs in Florida. When I got home, I googled cockroaches and some do have wings and the pictures looked like the bugs in

our room. The staff was friendly from the breakfast staff to the front desk staff and the pool was nice and our kids enjoyed the little run down miniature golf that they had (also has basketball net). If you don't mind seeing 3 or 4 bugs in your room during your stay, then this is a cheap hotel to stay at. Next time, after all the money we spent at the Disney Resort, I will pay a little more to stay at a hotel that has no visible bugs.

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