Fairfield Inn
4355 W New Haven Ave
Melbourne, FL 32904-3319

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Stayed 2 nights (01-06-15 & 01-07-15). Woke up with itchy bumps on my body. Thought it was poison ivy. Next day it was worse. When I got home, my girlfriend thought it might be bedbugs. I let the hotel know about my itchy bumps on 01-10-15. They had Terminex check my room on 01-12-15 and they called me to tell me they found bedbugs in the room.

I woke on 12/18 with two bites on my neck but thought it was from a mosquito. At about 11:30 Pm on 12/18/13 I awoke feeling like something was craling on me. I got up and noticed several new bites on my legs and arms and forehead. I looked in the bed and was able to visualize 2 sizeable bed bugs....I wasnt sure at first but googled the suckers and sure enough! thats what they were. I reported the issue to the clerk but they had no idea what to do. I was a bit shocked since bed bug

s can be an issue I would have thought they would have a policy or procedures for such an occurance to ensure the bugs arent transfered from one room to another. Anyway they move me to a new room and loaned me 3$ for the washing machine. (billed that to my room)
Today I am itching like crazy...not a fun experience

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Update on previous report. I did receive a call the next day, with an offer to pay to replace suitcase/clothes, or any costs I would incur. I honestly feel this was a single occurrence for this hotel.

Woke up with blood on sheets and four or five bugs in the bed. Slept poorly most of the night. Told the main person at the desk, who seem to ignore me. Had early morning meetings but returned before leaving town. They were very apologetic, and offered to comp the room. They admitted that bug company found the bugs and they were fumigating. Said they had planned to call me (I left number), but i am not sure they would have. I am still very disgusted, and not sure what to do with my things. They a

re in my attic hoping the heat kills them.

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