Quality Inn Marianna
2175 Highway 71
Marianna, FL

Found 3 reports:


My mother And I were staying here after a long trip, stayed in room 113. She fell asleep, I was reading and saw bugs. She had 4 in her bed. Did not give our money back. Bad business.

9.24.11 cont.
Upon checking mattress again after we found actual bugs, there was very small amount of brown colored staining in the piping in a few areas. Much smaller than I would have expected, but there.

9.24.11 Rm 120. Have stayed here (in different rooms) numerous times before without issue. Bedbugs present in this room (found actual bugs on morning of last day), bites developed before checkout. Checked my bed thoroughly at check-in and did not see any evidence of bug on mattress or bedding.

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