Wdw-Pop Century Resort
1050 Century Dr
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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October 16- had a few bites on legs. Thought it just mosquito bites. Had them check room. Bed bugs confirmed. 80s building 7

Could 6/5/2014 tell us the room number and building number that you found bedbugs in?

I was there from December 26 - January 3rd in the 50's building in Room 1216. Room was very clean. No bedbugs. I did a thorough check. Hotel was very nice all around.

Can you tell us the building number and room number you were in?

Stayed at the Pop Century from 18th- 21st May 2014
in the 50's building, fourth floor facing the lake.
Woke up on our first morning the 19th May to find bed bugs crawling under the pillows. We managed to trap a few with the help of a paper cup and called reception. Some 30 minutes later and 2 more calls, Pest Control arrived and were able to confirm a positive infestation. (LUCKILY WE HAD THE EVIDENCE SO NO DOUBTS AS PEST CONTROL KNEW STRAIGHT AWAY)

All our clothes were sent for treatment a

nd we were
assigned a new room which they checked was bug free.
Why not do this in the first instance before guests arrive.

My daughter developed a very bad reaction from the
bites she received and our Disney experience was far from Magical. We spent time every day in First Aid centres trying to get relief for her.

I was refunded the cost of our 3 night stay after much arguing. The attitude that as long as they move you everything is fine just amazes me.

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Building #4 Ground Floor, Tested Positive for Bed Bugs on 4/11/2014

Can you tell us the room and building you stayed in?

I stayed at the Pop Century Resort July 2 to July 5, 2013. On July 3 upon waking up, I discovered blood on the sheets and subsequently saw a large infestation of bed bugs crawling all over them on both beds. It took a couple of days, which is common, for the bites to appear all over my son's body as well as myself. To this date, July 16, they are still appearing. Disney gave us a room that obviously had not been serviced properly since some toiletries were missing. The staff ultimately found

an infestation in the mattress. We were compensated monetarily; but when they said we would get one free night, they went on to charge us. I had to call them to report the mistake and was told we would be refunded, which did happen, and that we would be receiving something from their communications department regarding future free stays - so far nothing has arrived. My entire body is covered in bites and they are still appearing on my son. If they have been transported to our home, Disney will be held responsible. Obviously they are not properly checking their rooms and we were given a room that was not turned over for a while.

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