The Palace Resort and Spa
1900 E Buena Vista Dr
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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Oct 15th 2014.

Went to visit my friends room and ordered room service - Salmon was very good. Was very itchy but did not see anything. Drove home and 2 weeks later home saw first bed bug. Was only hotel I was at in weeks and all along the drive home (an hour or so) ... I could not stop itching but I thought it was a multivitamin that I had taken for energy. Now, I know better.

We stayed in Buena Palace and Spa hotel in june 2012. Room was clean and ok, little pit old.

The worst experience was in breakfast room, when roach climbed on my leg. I couldĀ“n eat after that in that morning.

Certified K-9 Inspections

Hotel Needs to be swept for Bed Bugs using a Certified K-9 Team.
Call 877-597-9337....877-K9-SWEEP.

The staff is aware of the problem of bd bugs but management will not act on detection services offered

I checked in the afternoon of Sunday, 24 Oct 10 to room 857. At the time of entry it smelled like someone had a chain smoking fest in the room. I armed myself with Febreeze and began to spray everything except the electronics in the room and open the sliding glass door that overlooked the lake. I stayed in that room for two nights. I checked the beds as I always do before laying anything on them. I found nothing. After my second night there, I woke up to a smoke filled room again and bites

mostly on my right arm, side, hip, leg and foot. I also had bites on my upper back, chest, neck and face. They all itched like I had a case of poison ivy. That day I asked to be swithed to a different room because of the smoker who lived next to me (i get headaches around cigarette smoke) who began to start smoking marijuana too. I'm in the military and was there to attend a senior JAG/paralegal conference and was not about to put my career in jeopardy by failing a urinalysis from second hand smoke that was pouring throught the door that adjoined the two rooms. The bed bugs was the icing on the cake. I was relocated to room 665 that upon entry smelled like I walked into a florist. Much, much better. I checked those beds again and found nothing. I also didn't receive additional bites, just tolerated the many that I had. I made a telephonic complaint about the smoker, drug abuser that lived next to me as well as the bed bugs. I'm guessing that nothing was done about the bed bugs since security never came to the room to check out the marijuana that was not only in my room but the hallway. I will NEVER stay in that hotel again even if it is free, which was the case this time as the military paid for my stay. Two other people found their rooms had bed bugs that lived in room 755 and another in the other tower on the first floor facing the pool ( dont remember the number). I am apparently allergic to bed bugs or whatever "venom" they inject you with and was on the phone with my allergy/dermatology specialist during my stay. They became very inflamed and oozed a liquid. I didn't ask that the military be given a refund and only hope that I save someone from going through the same misery.

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