Royal Plaza in the Walt Disney World Resort
1905 Hotel Plaza Blvd, Fl 32830
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-8438

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I was just at this hotel Sept. 30 - Oct. 3 2011 and the hotel HAS BED BUGS and the front desk did NOTHING for me! Never came to my room to 'see' the bugs, never sent housekeeping after I called them 4x and I had to go to the lobby 3x to have something done and nothing was done!The bugs were on the mattress, on the bed, between the box spring and on the sheet! I asked and moved my OWN room and it was so horrible! I was bit by the bugs saw them crawling all over the mattress when I finally was abl

e to move the mattress & the sheets & the night manager Rachid said I was wrong and their hotel is clean! OMG he lied to my face! I have the bites to prove it! I'm still fighting with them to get my money refunded they said nothing was wrong and they're liars! I want my $200 back!

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Bed bugs do not simply bite ankles - so a cluster of bites on the ankle would not relate to bed bugs. They go for the warmth of the body which is why backs or stomachs depending on how you sleep are the target. Multiple stays in LBV area including the Royal Plaza - no issues.

I woke after my 3rd night with a cluster of bites on my ankles. We stayed here end of September to beginning of October.

In late January 2010 we picked up bed bugs, probably in our luggage, after staying 4 nights. We saw one bed bug on the sheet of one of the beds the first night but did not realize at the time what it was. We brought them home and we have tried numerous things, including professional pest control, to get rid of them to no avail.

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