Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort
1751 Hotel Plaza Blvd
Lake Buena Vista, FL

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I visited the Hilton Walt Disney World in July, the week of Independance Day. This is my second stay at this hotel, the first being the same week in 2011. However, this stay was completely different.

By day two, my arms and legs were covered with bites from what I am sure were, bed bugs. By day three, my arm swelled, was hot to the touch and infected. A visit to the Urgent Care Center was in order.

I spoke to the manager about this and she disputed the issue. Denying there were bed bugs

in that particular room.

Needless to say, I will NEVER stay in that hotel again. I expect much better from a Hilton.

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Stayed in room 171 the first two nights, then moved to 555. Not sure which room had bed bugs but we are both eaten good with bed bug bites. Im honestly surprised a $200 per night Hilton doesnt manage the problem better.

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Room 661 has bed bugs. Covered in bites. I thought Hilton would have a better handle on the problem but I guess not.

We stayed there for two nights, my husband, daughter and I all got bitten. At first we thought it was just mosquito bites.. but is not.. very disappointed. The hotel should do a better job in keeping the room free from bug.

Certified K-9 Inspections

Hotel Needs to be swept for Bed Bugs using a Certified K-9 Team.
Call 877-597-9337....877-K9-SWEEP.

We stayed in room 357. I woke to find one crawling on my arm. When my husband went to report it to the front desk, I found another and pulled back the sheets to find another.

We were given another room on the 10th floor but we pulled apart all the beds before we used any of them.

We just came back from this hotel, from 7/05/11 ti 14/05/11. BE CAREFUL, there was some in our hotel room. Floor 8 room 872 & 874! Kids were bitten, at first we thought it was mosquitos, but there were bitten in weird areas, and not like normal bits! My friend in her room looked at night with a flashlight, like they suggest, and saw black heads...I looked myself for precautions and didn't see any...our kids played in each others room, so now I will carefully wash everything!

I encounter bed bugs during my stay at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort from 11/11/2010 to 11/15/2010. I have bed bugs bites on my arms and legs and my neck. When I called the front desk they didn't seem to care they said they will send security guy to my room to take pictures of my arms and legs, at that point I checked out of the hotel. I'm very upset about the whole deal, the bites hurt and itch and I'm worry sick that I brough them back to my home!

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