Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa
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Lake Buena Vista, FL

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Stayed there in February 2014. Didn't think anything of a rash/bites I had on my arm. However, got home and the rash kept getting worse. We had bugs. Pretty sure we brought them home with us and since our luggage went from the car to the hotel room and there were three different households in this room and two out of three had bedbugs upon our return. BTW, this is the one room I did not check as I usually do because it is Disney. Our room was also extremely dirty and the furniture in the livi

ng room was sinking. will never stay here again. Place is gross all around.

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We just got back from Disny and had quite the bed bug experience. They took care of it right away and were ready to send us to another room after the sterilized everything and I overheard the manager on the phone say the other room was infested too. We ended up in Congress park and we found one in the bathroom but management said they looked through the room and didn't find anything. I wish we would've kept the bug to show them but I think housekeeping through it away. I am so nervous I brought

them home so I kept everything in bags outside and did laundry one bag at a time with extreme hot washing and drying. Fingers crossed. Seems Saratoga Springs has a real problem. I hope the take care of it.

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I can't believe you people! Seriously? Have you ever traveled before? You can pick up anything from anywhere. You went through airports, have no idea how your luggage was handled in transit, sat in strange seats on planes, in taxis and buses with people from all over the world, but you had to get a bug from the Disney bed?? Morons.

In cities where the bed bug crisis is a serious problem, they are found in movie theaters, restaurants, you know, pretty much ANYWHERE that the public travels thro

ugh and sits on CLOTH. But YOU''RE bug could only be from Disney? The one place that would care more and do more prevention than anywhere else on the planet? Grow up!

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This is my first time at Saratoga Springs in WDW. The rooms are clean and everything seems fine. 3 days into our trip something bit up my feet in bed. I contacted the manager and they promptly sent in a team to inspect the beds. They were excellent and thorough. They took the entire bed apart and examined everything. The pest control team found no sign of bedbugs. They changed all of the linens and duvet as well. No bites so far after that. I'm not sure what bit me but the manag

ement here as excellent and really did take my report seriously.

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Just got back 2 days ago. As usual, great as always. This is the second time I've stayed there and never encountered any bugs, inside or out. So if someone has picked up a bug, I think they brought them with them.

Just got back from Saratoga Springs. We stayed in a studio in Congress Park for a week in May 2011.
No bed bugs that we could see after completing a search and no bites to speak off. The room was very dusty though. Some people are allergic to dust and there are such things as Dust Mites. I spoke to a cast member who told me they have heard of bed bug prolems in the Tree House Villas @ Saratoga Springs as recent as last month.

We stayed in Saratoga in Jan 2011 and March 2011 One week in Jan and 4 days in March we have also stayed here another time in March of 2010 we have never had any issues we have also been to other property hotels no issues The only issues I have with Disney hotels is lack of TV channels we have never had rude or problems with staff members we are DVC members but I do not think that really matters to Disney much on customer svc it seems to me that alot of these people on here get to WDW and see th

e cost and want to get it for free remember that WDW has international vistors from all over so while bedbugs might be an issue I could no doubt guess that most hotels have them so just bc they do not throw money at you and beg forgivness and have Mickey come by in person does not mean they do not care they have to check into issues if they do not find anything then while they may be wrong that some people just lie for freebies

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We have stayed at this resort over 8 times (Week long stays) We have never had any problem with bed bugs.
It is common during the warmer months in Florida for people not used to the heat to break out in a rash. This is often mistaken for bed bug bites. It seems the other reports seem to coincide with the summer months, so it is a good possibility that this is what the problem really is.

We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa in November 2007 (2 bedroom villa), March 2008(studio), July 2009(2 bedroom in building by Grandstand pool), March 2010 (2 bedroom villa), November 2010 (2 bedroom villa) all were in the Grandstand area. Sorry don't have the room #'s handy. We had no problems with bedbugs. The villas were clean and well kept. I'm fortunate. I feel so badly for the folks who weren't so lucky.

Just stayed at this location in "The Springs" and we had no issues and saw NO bed bugs. We stayed 11/20/10 to 11/27/10. Room was very clean.

We stayed at this hotel at the end of March in 2010. We were there one week, and I noticed the bites when I returned home. I continued getting bitten - husband and daughter didn't get any bites initially. I'm quite pregnant, so I went to a dermatologist right away - they confirmed it was bites. We also started seeing the fecal matter on our sheets. Since the problem had not escalated, it was hard for the inspector to find bugs. I did find a baby eventually [size of a poppy seed], and when

we scanned it into the computer and blew it up, they confirmed it was a classic bedbug. I left home for one week to take care of my mother, and it was a bite-free lovely week. Then they started getting my husband. When I returned, I got them again. We never stopped sleeping in that bed - - they need a host [that is how you keep them contained so they don't move around your house looking for food]. They were in the woodwork and walls and not in our mattress. We did encase the mattress, comforters and pillows - - did not throw stuff out. We learned that it ends up being pointless if it can be encased and treated. It certainly upset our lives - and it was no fun getting bitten every three days - - but we saved our daughter from going through it as she is two and sleeps in a floor bed, and we didn't want her to get them. In the end [it's been over three months], we've only found 4 bugs total. That's all it takes - - and they can really hide out! We did contact the executive offices of the hotel - - we were told it's much better than just contacting the hotel management. They've been in touch and are taking this matter seriously [as far as we can tell]. We also had some hotel housekeeping issues that we reported to them... we did purchase a Packtite so we can heat/treat our luggage on future trips. As always, we did actually check for bugs when we arrived at the hotel, but we certainly know a lot more now than we did, and I've really developed my eye. I suggest asking hotels if they do preventative checks & look at this registry to learn about dates of problems and how regular issues are before you plan your stay anywhere. We also used a bed bug detecting dog a few times to monitor where they were and to confirm that we were keeping the situation contained - which also helped to determine the type and area of treatment. Hope this helps prevent some infestations as well as people who are also reporting and fighting the issue.

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We also had a problem May 30-June 5th room 1310 Congress park. Contacted management several times. all they did was chanhge the linen in our master bedroom. I broke out over both of my legs, and was on benadryl the entire trip, management was not helpful, kept telling me it was the Fl humid climate. We repeately contacted the front desk, no return phone call. Today is June 11, my legs are still broke out...Not very Disney like behavior, we will NEVER stay at Saratoga Springs again.

We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa May 18th - may 25th 2008. We were disappointed about the lack of the "Disney" feeling there regarding other issues including the "hot tub rash" that I contacted from one of the hot tubs my husband and I got in. The rash was mostly on my lower right leg. My doctor put me on two rounds of antibiotics - for a month - and the rash did not go away or so I thought it was still the hot tub rash. I began seeing similar looking red inflamed bite rashy - loo

king marks on other parts of my body. My husband and my son started getting these marks and complained that they itched. I thought perhaps they had contacted my hot tub rash (although mine did not itch for some reason). We started noticing these blood marks on our mattresses. We checked the box springs and there were a whole family of what we confirmed to be bed bugs. We have discarded out mattresses and are waiting for a pest control company to come treat our home (we are sleeping in our living room on camping mats)This is going to cost us big time. I have contacted Disney 6 times regarding the hot tub rash and I keep getting an automated reply that someone will get back to me shortly. I feel like reporting them to the health department. I will never stay in that hotel again. I feel like I should be suing them for all that they ahve put me and my family through.

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