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I have several bed bug bites after this past week staying in room 3230. I am allergic to these bites. I have swelling and they are very painful. My first time to stay and visit in Disney.

My daughter and I were invites to Disney by a relative. We were overjoyed cause this is our first ever visit. We sleeped on the pull out sofa in room 3230 . I notice a bite on my leg first thinking it was just a mosquito, I didn't complain due to the fact I'm from Mississippi. The next couple of days I notice more bites on stomach in a line and under my arms etc. We are home now and I'm allergic to these bites apparently due to swelling and painful raise fluid filled bites I have now. They are p

ainful and I can't even touch them. I'm disappointed in this aftermath of a trip .

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On about 8/27/2012, my wife awakened me at 1:30 a.m. to tell me she'd found a bed bug at our room in Old Key West.

We had brought six of our children with us to room 2831 at Disney Old Key West Resort - a two bedroom villa and she was obviously horrified by the finding.

On a side note, some of my children and I had multiple bug bites on the previous days.

After researching on the internet, I showed the pest evidence to the hotel management and reported the finding. The hotel manage

ment person, Faith, apologized profusely but without remedy, and called pest services and housekeeping.

Within a few hours of my notification housekeeping and pest services arrived at my door at around 2:30 p.m. with a beagle dog apparently trained to find bed bugs. ( By this time I'd lost half a day of vacation and my wife and children were distressed and I was exhausted. They had gone on without me while I handled matters )

The pest services fellow assured me the dog was a specialist - trained to find only one type of pest (i.e., bed bugs).

I was asked to leave the room and told that nobody was allowed to be around the dog. Consequently, I did not witness anything that might have happened between the dog and my room during inspection.

After about ten minutes, housekeeping, pest services and the dog exited the room to report the room clean of bed bugs. They were both friendly and pleasant - like all Disney personnel.

Then the pest fellow said that what I was showing him was possibly a beetle or a ROACH. The body casing was intact and clearly identifiable. This was not a fragment of a pest casing. It was whole and intact. He did not indicate a variety -of beetle or ROACH. There was no follow up by anyone to identify the pest otherwise.

There are several problems.

1) We are not convinced the room was free of bed bugs. We'll had to do further research and the pest was a bed bug.

2) Even at Disney's assertion, a ROACH is no less of a problem than a bed bug.

Upon arriving home from Disney at about 12:30 a.m., my wife, six children and I had to isolate all of our luggage and clothes so that we could launder them before re-introducing them to our home which is free of pests. This was to prevent the introduction of either BED BUGS OR ROACHES- both prolific breeders and horrific pests.

During our time there, we had to keep things off of the floors and beds as much as possible to prevent exposure and we had to safeguard our food items in extraordinary ways.

3) I lost most of that night and day dealing with this problem - time that I paid for dearly at Disney both financially and with hard-earned vacation time. We had to search the entire room top to bottom several time - removing bed linens and mattresses from all the beds and pullouts. We examined all of our clothes - searching each item - realizing that larvae might be undetectable.

Our subsequent days were also filled with concern of infestation. This continued even after returning home.

4) At no point during our stay did anyone offer any compensation for our loss of valuable time and enjoyment or the distress that followed even after arriving home. The Disney rep was named Faith.

5) I've been in contact with a Disney employee, Lecrecia ( 407-828-1544 ), several times who has offered me one day compensation after the incident. Are you kidding? I live in NJ. I was cleaning up crap at the hotel room while my family went on without me. Do you think I am flying 8 people to Orlando for one night of free room?

Needless to say, this was an extraordinary strain on our vacation. It left a big blemish on our cherished vacation and family time. And I'm heart broken by such disregard.

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Let me preface this by saying that my wife and I are both physicians and we both happen to be intimately familiar with bed bugs. Approximately six or seven years ago we had a light infestestation in our north jersey apartment. We know that they were bed bugs as I caught and positively identified several of the little critters. So we know the bites well. We went through considerable expense and effort to eradicate this light infestation. Fast forward to today. We enjoy going to Disney as a family

with the grandparents who are vacation club members. We go almost every year. On this trip I awoke on the second day with several bites on my arm. These were in the typical cluster of bites with central punctures that are seen with bed bugs. At first I dismissed it as a mosquito in the room but I was suspicious. The next morning I awoke with clusters of bites on my ankles and tops of my feet. I also had a cluster on my lower back. I know these itchy bites well from my previous encounter several years ago. Why my wife and kids didn't get bitten, I'm not sure. My I produce more CO2, which attracts biting insects like Mosquitos and bed bugs, then they do? Maybe I'm tastier. Maybe just coincidence. Who knows. Now We just returned home tonight and the luggage is in the garage and we will go through the laborious process of trying to prevent a second infestation in our home. Not fun, not cool. I don't blame Disney, but this kind of sucks to be blunt. We stayed at old key west resort from January 20 - 25 2012.

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You don't know for sure if you have bedbugs unless you see them! Just because you have some type of bite doesn't automatically mean it's from bedbugs! They are visible (small black bugs) and can be found in the cracks of mattresses and upholstered chairs but you have to look carefully. You can also see their droppings, very small black spots, many of them in the cracks of the furniture.
It's not fair to accuse Disney or any other hotel without having some type of real proof. There are man

y type of bugs out there, including rashes that can look like bug bites.

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Just left 4/28 and left leg had red eventually oozing bites. Mentioned it to the front desk and they looked at me like they didn't even know that bed bugs exisisted.

I'm curious if WDW says they weren't bedbugs, is it possible that they are a different kind of bug? there is a very tiny flying insect that bites, starts with an N ... nickadamus maybe.. you can get them outside and have no idea till the next day.

We stayed there last week of September 2010 and my youngest daugher slept in the pull out chair in the villa. The next morning she woke up literally COVERED in red bites all over her back and legs. At first we though maybe it was mosquito bites but then the next day we were not even outside in the evening so were not near any possible mosquitos and the next morning she woke up with even more bites!!!! She was suffering terribly and I had to go buy some ointment for her. We were very disappoin

ted that this would happen at a Disney Resort but they claimed there was no way there were bed bugs at their resorts! Guests beware apparently!

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I woke up with hundreds of red bug bites all over my right leg and thigh. It was horrible looking but, thankfully, went away in a day or two. I told the resort and they claimed they had it inspected and there were no bedbugs but I KNOW that they were from bedbugs! We had stayed in one of the riverside villas and it was a beautiful, very clean-seeming, high end villa. I would never have expected something like that to happen there!

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