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We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House Safari view room, and came home with a bed bug infestation. We had to throw out our new headboard, all luggage, and pay thousands of dollars to get the infestation treated. When I reached out to Disney, they did not respond for over a week, in which I sent many emails, and then did absolutely nothing about it. Really really disappointed.

We just returned from Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House. We are all covered in bites on our abdomen and upper extremeties. Very disconcerting as I just kept thinking my clothing was irritating me, and then we checked to find that we were all actually covered in bites. These are definitely NOT mosquito bites.

DVC members. Stayed at AKL for the week of Nov 24-30 2013. No signs of bugs in our room! Very clean and immaculate.

We stayed in Jambo House 03/12-04/12 and the room was immaculate, no bugs or sign of bugs at all... very very clean

We stayed at AKL-Jambo House in January 2012. No bedbugs in our room. The entire hotel was very clean.

We got bedbugs from this hotel Kidani Village in February 2011. Then found them at our home. They feed some nights and then not again other nights.

The best way to get rid of these buggers is a mattress encasement--bugs can't get in or out of the mattress and then they die very slow deaths.

Entomologist told me to keep the mattress encasement on for an entire year.

I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Expensive but got rid of the bugs.

The bugs look like apple seeds when they are full

y engorged.

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We stayed at kidani village in studio July 28-31 2011. After returning home and unpacking found bugs in my bed.

I am a DVC member and AKL is my home resort. I have stayed here 3 times as a member and our first time in 2008 paying cash before we were members. I have stayed in both buildings and NEVER experienced any bites or bed bug incidents. In fact, i have toured other Disney resorts and AKL seems to be the cleanest of all resorts. Just wanted to let you all know of my experience as i come to this resort very frequently.

Stayed in a DVC room in the main building from 6/5 to 6/12 and had no problems. Room was clean :)

Stayed here for 1 night on May 23 with my husband and 2 children. No bugs, very clean. No bites at all. We were on the 3rd floor with an arusha view! We enjoyed it very much!!

Stayed in room 4260--was very clean and no bugs were found. Friend was in 4270 and also reported no problems.

Silverfish in tub and bedbugs room 2311 what a mess. You pay 400 a night. All they care about is money. Mickey you rat you should be running for the hills the way you made our stay not magical. Rather stay at motel 6. Work all year and it was ruined.

Bed bugs in new building for vacation owners kidani what a shame manager tom did nothing for us been member since 2002. So we checked out threw everything out bought new stuff and stayed at Hilton. Disney lost me as owner selling my 800 points. Disney stinks the way they treat a guest. They wanted to give me a smaller room they were sold out.

My teenager and I also stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House) from 28 - 31 Aug 10. I noticed some bites but didn't pay it any attention but when I got home later that night I had even more. At night I felt like a bug or ant was biting me but the bites weren't welts and there wasn't just one or two but more like 3 - 5 bites in a trail pattern especially on my arms and back. My teen was not affected (glad we slept in separate beds!). I surfed the Net and immediately called Orkin who

came out to inspect my home and determined it was bedbugs. It costed $1,250 to exterminate and I had to throw out my bed and bedding.

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Feb. 7-9 Animal Kingdom resort. Dark rooms. We had only been in there a few minutes when my 6 yr old was itching a fresh bite. I looked as well as I could in the dark room and couldn't find anything and let it go. A couple of days later, I felt bites at random times feeling like pin pricks. Whatever we got, we brought home. It is March and we are still getting welts and broken blood vessells from some sort of bite. It goes off and on, probably with their feeding cycle.

We stayed in a room there 2/7/10-2/9/10. Minutes after arriving in the very dark room (very little light), my 6 yr old showed me a fresh bug bite--a small white welt w/ a red center. Having heard of bed bugs at disney---i looked in the sheets and bed side drawers and got the kids luggage off the floor. I didn't see anything so I concluded that it was another bug. A couple of days later I started to feel pin prick bites at different times on different parts of my body. I also got a hot blist

ery rash around each arm pit. Didn't know to think if I was crazy or it was some sort of bugs. When I got home, I washed all of our clothes and left luggage in the garage. The rash persisted a week and the pin prick bites continued. After a week, I noticed isolated welts on my body and then I even noticed a couple of groups of "3 bites". I haven't seen any bugs and have no idea what it could be but it's driving me crazy. My daughter has the pin prick bites too.

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We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge room 4417 August 16-19, 2009 and I am covered in Bed Bug bites. I know this because I caught one of the little beggars. After searching the web for 2 seconds I found dozens of reports/posts that Disney has a bed bug problem and let me tell you I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. Apparently people react differently to the numbing and anticoagulant they inject into you before they suck your blood and I am one of the unlucky ones who is allergic. Same th

ing also happened that other people said happened to them, when I reported my bites to the front desk they denited they had bed bugs and said they must be mosqutito bites. I have had mosquito bites and that is not what these are.

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