Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter
2201 Orleans Dr
Lake Buena Vista, FL

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Stayed in room 5201 1/16 - 1/18/16 - No bed bugs. Room very clean.

We stayed here 8/23 to 8/27. I woke up at about 5:00am feeling itchy and found out that I had about 10 bedbug bites. They are so itchy!. Woke up my daughter and granddaughter, and we checked and under the sheet was a tiny bedbug. We caught it in a cup and put it in a plastic bag. Then went to the front desk. Manager was called and we waited about 30 minutes for him to show up. He was nice and gave us $100.00 each for clothes to go shopping at Walmart. I was so upset that I starting crying. I did

n't want to spend my Magic Kingdom day shopping at Walmart. Oh, by the way I'm 65. We waited so long for this trip. They escorted us to the room to get things we needed for the day, but nothing could be fabric. They took all our clothes and luggage to be heated to kill any bedbugs and had the pest inspector check out a new room for us. The manager also refunded me one nights stay. He saw I was upset, so he asked what else he could do for us. I told him we had a reservation for the Rainforest Café and he could take care of our lunch for us. He did add a nice amount of money to our magic bands. He was great. I would still go back to this hotel, but definitely take the sheets off the bed and check everything, before I would stay there again.

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This is a story of some public interest and importance.

On my daughter's recent High School Senior Trip from Long Island, New York to Disney Orlando, several students (including my daughter) were placed in rooms infested with Bed Bugs. A number of them were bitten and their belongings had to be confiscated and fumigated. Many of them missed time that was supposed to be for celebration, so that they could be bussed to Walmart to buy temporary clothing. Not exactly what we paid the tour operat

or and Disney for.

The trip was arranged by Gerber Tours in Woodbury New York (1-800-645-9145), which placed these kids in a facility that was obviously unfit, the Disney Port Orleans French Quarter (407-934-7639).

In my view, the public should be aware of this type of risk if they choose to use Gerber (a school tour specialist), which in this case arranged a trip (with a very significant price tag) at a Disney facility that posed substantial risk to the health and safety of the students, as well as of serious home infestation (were any of these parasites to have been brought home).

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My husband and I just came back after spending three nights in building 7 from Feb 27 - Mar 1 at this hotel. We were there for our daughter's cheerleading competition. Both of us got bites on our face and neck. We didn't realize it was bed bug bites until after the second night. We reported to the hotel and they sent a inspector to check the room. He confirmed the bed bugs after finding a couple hiding underneath the mattress. We were moved to another room on the third night, have the luggage an

d clothes steam treated and was given $200 credit.

Up till today, 7 days after the incident, we are still suffering from rash and itchiness from the bites.

The entire experience at this hotel was unpleasant and we felt we were not properly compensated for the loss. I found hair on the shower wall the first day we checked in. Since initially we stayed on the first floor, we can hear toilet flush noise and people talking next door all the time. On top of that, it was the bed bug mania!

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daughter and sister in law got many bed bug bites while staying here. Date of trip was 12/29/14- 1/3/15. Reported this to the hotel. Hotel sent someone to the room to look and then said there were no bed bugs but offered to switch one of the mattresses. Later it was confirmed by medical that in deed was bed bugs. How do they expect to get rid of them if they don't treat?!

We stayed in building 2 11/25-28/2013 and no bed bugs.

Stayed in Bldg. 2 at French Quarter. Woke up on 6/25/13 with 6 bed bug bites on arm. Family member in other bed had bites on arm and face.

We just got back from Port Orlean's French Quarter. We stayed them from November 10 to 17, 2013 and I'm pleased to report no bed bugs found at our location. We stayed in Room 1123, which is the farthest building from the main lobby, but it was worth not having any bed bugs!

My kids, my mom & I stayed here from 9/13/2012 to 9/18/2012...We initally had room 2137 (Building #2)...NO BED BUGS..i went thru that room with a fine tooth comb. We ended up moving to a different room because it wasnt the room we requested...we were given room 2332 in Building #2...NO BED BUGS. All bedding was brand new and floors, walls, carpeting were all CLEAN..Not even any dust bunnies. This is the 2nd time my kids and i have stayed there in 2 years. Great resort, very clean!!

Monday, August 27, building 4. Came back from getting some essentials and saw that daughter had 6-10 bites that looked liked bed bugs. Went to front desk, asked that room be checked. Eggs were found under the mattress and behind the headboard. Resort took all clothes and suitcases to be cleaned. Room moved. We're given permission to get new clothes. Clothes returned next day. Just not a good experience when you are on vacation.

Just arrived bldg 3 no sigh of bed bugs

Stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter April 11-16. Stayed in building 7. After discovering this website, I was hyper-vigilant and "looking" for evidence of creepy crawlies. Room was clean and well maintained. No evidence of bed bugs anywhere.

Just came back from Port Orleans French Quarter - March, 2012. Stayed in building 5 - we had no trouble with bed bugs or any other visitors!

Feb 20 - Feb 27th

Bldg 2 - We were notified that housekeeping found bedbugs. Disney took all of our belongings to be cleaned and gave us a voucher to shop for clothing and essentials. We were assigned another room and we asked that it be very carefully checked before we went to the room; Management had no problem with that.
While bedbugs can be found anywhere and Disney does it's best to provide guests with proper compensation (cleaning of belongings, voucher for clothing), clothing does ge

t ruined in the cleaning process because the heat must be so high, so much of our clothing had to be thrown away.
Do not be fooled by the many reports on this site of no bedbugs found at Disney resorts - someone finds the need to defend Disney, but it is not helping the bedbug problem (or guests) by pretending it does not exist. Guests should be prepared and check their room carefully be it a Disney Resort or other hotel.

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1/13/12 - 1/16/12

Stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter, Building 2, Room 2245. No sign of bedbugs. Room was lovely. We plan to stay there again. Loved it!

Port Orleans French Quarter, stay 11/25-11/29/2011 building 4 second floor room, no bed bugs found.

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