Disney's Pop Century Resort
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I stayed at Pop Century from August 16-August 18th, 2019. I am a frequent visitor to Disney World and a DVC member. My family and I are trying to stay at a new resort each time we come to WDW. Pop Century was next up on our list. We stayed in room 9118, 1st Floor, 80's Theme, Building 9. It was not until August 19th when I arrived home that I took notice to the area that I had been itching on my stomach and ankle. I went to my dermatologist as it appeared to be some kind of rash. It was confirme

d to be bed bug bites. I called up Disney and made a claim. I am currently waiting to hear back but I wanted to share with you all.

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Stayed in Building 9 room 9133 on 1/11-1/13 woke up at 4am to find a bedbug crawling beside me. I caught the bug and put him in a cup and then called the front desk and told them and the Manager came with a gentlemen and he checked and said we did have bedbugs. They took all of our clothes and suitcase and had them cleaned and mailed them to us. Also refunded 1 night stay and offered us money to go to Wal-Mart to buy clothes to go home in but at 4:30am I wasn't going to the store. I don't blame

the Hotel we've stayed there a least 20 times and never had a problem.

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We made a last minute choice to make a night of it and stay at the Resort we checked in there around 7pm and got up about 8:30 and hit the Parks around 9 the next day I woke up and found bed bug bites all over my neck and in my bags.we stayed in the fifties side of the hotel. Room 1212 my husband now has bites on his legs.

My family stayed 7 nights in the 50's section. We noticed a few bites during the first part of our trip but thought we had gotten them at parks. Last day we woke up itching with bites and found bugs in our room. They checked it after we departed and claim there were only gnats and mosquitos in our room which we never saw either one of those. Please rethink staying here. We stay at Universal's Cabana Bay at least twice a year and this has never happened. Very upset!!!

10/16/15 woke up with bites. They tested the room, found bedbugs. Had to deal with treatment. This was in the 80s, looking at computer pool.

Stayed 7/3 until 7/10, I read the reports on here. I called the resort and let them know my concerns. They have on-site pest control and assured me that things were fine. I showed up and inspected the room and it was perfectly fine and trust me I am picky. I was in the 50s section. My stay was fine, no bites, no bugs.

Checked in on 6/22 for one extra night before we flew home. Woke up with tons of bites and reported it to management at checkout. Room was checked and at 5pm as we landed, resort called back to say room tested positive for bed bugs.

We have stayed here many times, including earlier in the week before we went to the beach, never a problem, but the one time we don't check...

What room did 2/28/2015 report stay in on fourth floor, 50's section?

My friend stayed here for 11 days beginning Feb. 15, 2015. I joined him for 7 days. I inspected the room on arrival and saw no evidence of bed bugs. However, my last morning there, I found 10-15 large itchy bites on my shoulder (and my other friend who is a nurse is convinced they were from bed bugs). The hotel inspected the room but found nothing and my friend was not bitten. We were in the 50's section on the 4th floor.I am terrified that I might have brought bedbugs home.

We checked in at Pop Century on February 4th, 2015. I checked our room upon arrival but didn't see bed bugs until three nights later on February 7th when I caught an adult bed bug crawling on the bed. We stayed in the 50's building, room number 1208. We were moved to a neighboring hotel. The ordeal was very stressful and put a damper on our dream trip to Disney World.

I was there from December 26 - January 3rd in the 50's building in Room 1216. Room was very clean. No bedbugs. I did a thorough check. Hotel was very nice all around.

In April there were bedbugs in our room we were switched to another room luckily noticed before bags unpacked..gross

This was our 5th stay at Pop Century and have never had a problem until our recent trip. I am vigilant about taking all of the steps to avoid them and protect ourselves and our belongings.

This time, 11/2014 in the 60's near the "playdoh"
the bedbugs were still able to get to me and my son, despite all of the precautions & checking. He was miserable with itching for most of the trip and at home afterwards!

Upon arriving mid-morning on 10/10/14, we were given a room in the 70's, in the building with the Mickey phone in front. Upon close inspection (I stripped the beds), I saw that the bed closest to the door had many small blood stains all over the mattress, and dead bugs. Our luggage had not yet been delivered, so we returned to the front desk to ask for a new room. They explained that their protocol was to have pest control inspect the room with a manager. I explained that it didn't matter to

me what they found; I wanted a new room in a different building. They insisted on inspecting the room before assigning a new room. We could go enjoy to the parks and they would call us to let us know what they found. I was smart enough to stop first at the luggage area to have them hold our luggage until we returned. Upon our return to the resort, we were told that the room hadn't been inspected because their policy is to do so with the guest! They wanted me to go with them to inspect the room, and I refused, insisting that they give us a new room.They were concerned about our luggage, and I ensured them that it had not been delivered. I had to stand my ground, but they after about 20 minutes, they gave us a new room in a different building. And thankfully, it was clean!

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We stayed at Disney's Pop Century Resort from 4/26/14-5/4/14 in the 80's building, 2nd floor room #7262. The bed closest to the door had a MAJOR case of bed bugs. We woke up after the 1st night and had small itchy bites. Each night we slept, the next morning there were more bites!!! Don't stay in that room!!!

Just returned home from a 10 night stay at a poolside Pop Century Room and room tested positive for bed bugs. My kids are covered in itchy bites and welts. Check your beds!!

Our family stayed at Pop Century Resort and found no evidence of bed bugs. June 2014.

We stayed at Pop Century building 10 from 2/20/14 thru 3/1/14. After a thorough inspection of the room and beds, we found no evidence of bed bugs. No one in our group has been bitten. We still take precautions like packing all of our clothing in zip top bags and keeping luggage on the luggage rack. Dirty clothes go back into a big zip top bag which hangs on hangers to keep it off the floor. All clothing and luggage stay in the garage until it can be washed or treated for bed bugs. We also immedi

ately wash all clothing we traveled home in and everyone gets a shower.

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Me & my daughter's family stayed at pop century. My granddaughter got up that morning & they were in her bed. We called down to front desk but they did not come right away so we had breakfast reservations so we left. That night we tried to get into our rooms & The keys would not work. My daughter's goes up to the front desk & they said yes you have been locked out because you have bed bugs. No phone call or nothing all day. I would really feel sorry for someone who had little children to put to

bed because it was a long night. They took everything we owned we were only allowed our medications. They cleaned everything from shoes to suit cases & returned everything the next day @5:00. We felt so humiliated. My granddaughters had bites all over the them our youngest had to go to urgent care she was covered from head to toe. No magical vacation believe me!

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I am a passholder and stay at Disney Resorts many times a year and I have never had an issue with bed bugs. Recently (Nov & Dec 2013) we stayed at Pop Century and again no issue.

Walt Disney World is visited by millions of people every year from all over the world so there is no doubt there is going to be an issue. But what visitors have to realize is: we have lots of bugs here in FLorida that can mimic bed bugs (ticks, fleas, beetles) so you have to know your bugs and don't just assume tha

t what has bitten you is a bed bug. Make your report right away with management, not when you get home.

Be prepared BEFORE checking in your hotel! I have a bed bug kit I carry with me when I travel (LED flashlight, magnifying glass, bed bug spray purchased from my Pest Control company). The first thing you do when you get to your room, prop the door open with your suitcases and bring NOTHING inside until you have inspected your mattresses, box springs, sheets, headboards and bed frames. If there is a problem, you will see it right away. If you don't want to leave your belongings in the doorwar, move them into the bathtub. Remove the comforters from your bed immediately and put them away. Those are nasty and don't get washed daily anyway.

Check your drawers and make sure there are no fecal matter in there or unusual stains. Once you are comfortable with your inspections, unpack your stuff, put your suitcases on top of the shelf in the closet or on top of the towel rack that is provided. Don't leave your shoes laying around on the floor, put them in your luggage and close it up.

I personally travel with airtight luggage bags, so every time I open them up and put something back in (expecially dirty clothes) seal your bags and store them in your luggage.

Check your beds in the morning when you get up and see if there are any blood spots anywhere on them. If nothing, you should be fine.

When you get home from your stay, DON'T BRING YOUR LUGGAGE INSIDE!! All of my stuff gets dropped off in the garage, luggage gets emptied and all dirty clothes directly into the washing machine and washed immediately in HOT WATER!! Everything else gets checked before it comes in. And if I suspect anything, the luggage will get treated, sealed up in industrial construction sized black garbage bags, tied up and left in the garage until the next time I need it (to give the bugs, if any, time to die). If its summer time, I will leave the luggage outside in the heat to kill them off.

Yes this seems like a lot of work just to go on vacation, but it starts with us, the guests. And being prepared will save you THOUSANDS of dollars in treatments of your home.

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Just stayed at Pop Century and NO bed bugs. Our room and the resort were very clean.

Just to let people know Walt Disney World does not have a bed bug problem, guests have the bed bug problem. Guests bring in bed bugs from their homes into the WDW resorts. I know for a fact that WDW does a check of rooms for infestations weekly. But if you have bed bugs and come to the resort guess what, you will bring those bed bugs with you. Or if the previous guest does not report it immediately, they may be too small to see with the naked eye at that point in time. If you have reported them,

WDW will change your room, clean that room with trained infestation professionalss and clean every article of clothing your family brought on your trip. So please before you start judging WDW, I challenge you to find a company that cares more about their guests than Disney. Bed bugs

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I am "anonymous" from the 4/5/13 report. Building 5 is where we had the infested room. Yes, Disney moved our room, treated our belongings and provided us with an "allowance" to purchase new clothing during "treatment." They were very nice however, today my family went for a checkup at the dermatologist... to find out that both my daughter and I will have permanent scars from the bites.

Which building did you stay in that had bed bugs???

I talked to the management at WDW Pop Century. They said there was one report of bed bugs this past month. Their policy is to treat that room and all the rooms above, below, and adjacent to the affected room immediately, and will also clean/treat your belongings and move you. Travelers bring these in, but if reported, they take care of them right away.

What building did you stay in to get bed bugs?

3 out 4 family members are covered with bites, all requiring medical attention. dates of stay 3/20/13-3/26/13

My roommate stayed here one time, and now we had bed bugs everywhere!!!

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