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Eu e minha família acabamos de voltar de uma maravilhosa viagem de doze dias à Orlando, ficamos na seção Toy Story e o único incoveniente foram as picadas do bedbug que meu marido levou. Ele acordou no meio da noite com muitas picadas nos braços, costas e pernas. Quando amanheceu entrei em contato no front desk que mandou uma equipe inspecionar o quarto e o resultado foi negativo, embora meu marido tenha encontrado dois andando em suas pernas.

My family stayed in all star movies from Sept. 26 through Oct.3 2015 in the 101 Dalmatian's section. On our last morning as we were getting ready to leave I spotted a bed bug on the bed. The Tuesday after returning home bites started appearing on our arms and legs. Our arms were literally covered and the itching is horrible.

I stayed in the all star movie resort the last week in May ,2015. We stayed in the toy story side near the bucket of solider steps. My stay was pretty comfortable and I didn't encounter any bed bugs. I am I usually quiet ocd about bugs and didn't feel the need to check from the appearance of the room. After reading these comments I'm glad there was no bugs what so ever.

Stayed in the Dalmations building on 2/5/15 and on 2/7/15 my roommate found bites. I hade maintenance show up ASAP and inspect the room. It turned up positive. The resort was helpful in assisting is since we were now without clothing. However this happened the night before Cheer Nationals and they only had 1 king room open which left my daughter and I displaced. We ended up having to find someone to bunk with.

My husband and I got back from Disney and we stayed at All Star Movies in the Mighty Duck section 3 room #3937. Im happy to report no presence of bed bugs. We stayed June 6-10. Room was clean and had a great vacation!

My husband and I got back from Disney and we stayed at All Star Movies in the Mighty Duck section 3 room #3937. Im happy to report no presence of bed bugs. We stayed June 6-10. Room was clean and had a great vacation!

I stayed at Disney's All Star Sports in March 2013 for 5 days. After the second day I noticed some bug bites. My roommate checked the room when we arrived and saw no traces of bugs. By the time I got home I had 59 bites on my one arm and 17 on my one hand. I had them on my arms, hands, torso, legs, neck and FACE!! I called Disney right away to let them know. It took them 4 WEEKS to investigate the room. And guess what...it came back positive!! They told me they couldn't investigate earlie

r because families were staying in the room!! They allowed people to stay in the room for 4 weeks when they knew there was a claim of bed bugs. Disney is paying me $5oo, replacing my suitcase, and paying my copay. I asked them if they would consider comping us a room or hopper and they said no. I am praying that I didn't bring them to my home.

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3/20/13 Stayed at All Star Movies, woke up with bites immediately contacted the front desk. They confirmed the presence of bed bugs...we were in Mighty Ducks 2. They moved us then to Fantasia building and treated all our belongings. However now that we are home have discovered the presence of bed bugs since our return, so not sure if our second room was infested or if we missed something.

May 15throughMay 21, 2012. Stayed in the Mighty Duck #2 building. Searched the mattress/box springs before we had luggage delivered. Nothing. Thank God. Know what to look for, take a flashlight and check before you bring anything into the room. We had a great stay. No complaints.

I went here in march for a short 3 day vacation. We picked the place because it was the cheapest hotel for Disney grounds. We stayed in one of the lovebug buildings. I did not check for bugs before we slept, which I regret. The next morning there was a bed bug just crawling on the side of the bed. I know what they look like because my friend and I had a scare with a possible infestation. Anyways, I killed it and put it in a bag and me and my mom proceeded to tear the room apart and we found 3 mo

re! We brought them to the desk where they apologized and compensated us for that night. We were sent to one of the mighty duck buildings where I did not see anything. One of the dog themed buildings was being 'renovated' bit I saw them bagging up all the rooms and throwing all the mattresses in the dumpster so I believe that building had an infestation, it is a value place, just be careful when staying.

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