Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa in the Walt Disney
1900 N Buena Vista Dr
Lake Buena Vista, FL

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Stayed at the locations for conference in early October of 2015. All seemed well. On the last night I stayed , found a bed bug on the pillow. Upon further inspection, black dropping were found below the head board. The lo vCard ation was on the 8th flood west side.

Similar to the story given before, we stayed in this hotel back in Christmas of 2012 (our 2nd time at this hotel). I believe the room was 3rd floor. We were just checking into the room and placed some of our bags on the chairs and desk when my daughter and son noticed bugs crawling around the desk. I captured one with a cup and thought it looked like a bed bug (wish I took a photo - aargh!). I immediately removed all my belongings (still packed) to the outside and went to the front desk to s

how them what was in the cup. I asked if they had any bed bug issues. Their response was no, but they gave us a new room in the upper floor that didn't have any problems. Creepy!

As the thought of our bags on the desk really freak the family out so when we arrived home, we left all our bags out in the cold winter for some period of time. Luckily we live in Colorado and it was freezing outside. Actually we do this practice with leaving the bags outside for all our trips!

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May16, 2013. My family and I are currently staying in the Lake Buena Vista Hotel and Spa in Orlando Florida. After two full days of being in the theme parks my son and I laid down to nap in the late afternoon and so the room was pretty dark. When we woke up I turned the lights on and my son sat at the desk to play a game on his computer. He said there were little bugs everywhere. I looked at them and they were a pale light color and they were crawling very fast and they were everywhere. They

were disappearing behind the desk, dresser, and the television. I called down to the desk and told them there were bugs in our room. They asked what kind and I told them I didn't know, I had never seen them before. I asked if this hotel ever had a bedbug problem because I remember hearing about problems in hotels from news reports a while ago. The desk gave me a firm "no, we never have had that problem." I told them they had some kind of problem because there were bugs that came out in the dark and disappear when the lights come on. They asked if I wanted to change rooms and I said yes. They asked if we were packed and I said no, we have been here for two days and our stuff was everywhere. He told me to pack and they would switch our rooms. I was a bit freaked out with seeing bugs all over the furniture. I called the desk to say we were packed and the guy acted like he was surprised I was calling back and said he wasn't sure I had decided to move. I was infuriated. While waiting for the bellman we scoured the room and found more bugs in the seams of an upholstered chair. My husband was on his way back to the hotel and I told home we were switching rooms so he needed to get his new key and I told him what had happened. He asked the front desk what was happening and what did they need to tell him. They told him we had ants! They totally lied! They also said they would take care of us. Other than switch our rooms we have never heard from any of the staff to offer if they could make anything right. Since switching rooms I began to do some research on the Internet on what we saw. I googled gestational stages of bedbugs and the picture of the bug after it hatches was pretty much identical to what we saw. There were also reports filed on line that this hotel did have bed bug reports from the same floor we were staying on! They lied again! I now have to care for our luggage and clothes when we arrive home because I don't know if I transported them into this room and I can't take the risk of transporting them into my home. I know it has not been verified but it is obvious no one is going to do that for me. We were in room 775 and we are now in room 2140 and so far there are no other signs of bugs. Please check your room or better yet, don't stay here because you will not get any assistance!

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