Rodeway Inn Maingate Kissimmee
5995 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 99999

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Date: May 19, 2021.
I was sleeping about midnight. I woke up because I felt itchy. I turned on the light and there was a big bed bug crawling on the pillow. I crushed it in my fingers and it was full of blood. I went to the front desk to ask to change rooms. The clerk gave me another room. A few days later I mentioned this to another guest and she called the janitor over. He immediately told me that he was going to kick me out of the hotel because I was spreading rumors. No rumor, I have the so

res to prove it. They did kick me out of the hotel for telling the truth. Don't stay here. Not only are there bed bugs but they will kick you out of the hotel if you warn others about it. In fact there are bed bug reports here from 2014, so they have a history of bedbugs.

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My arms are bit!!! I can't see the bed bugs but my arms, breast and my face felt it!!!

My family booked a trip for Disney and chose this hotel because of pricing. We rented four rooms total. Originally all in building five. The first night one of the AC's quit working and they had to replace it. The 2nd night we all had to move from building five to 6 due to plumbing issues. I quickly moved my bags into 6212 and then we headed out to Disney. We returned around midnight from Disney and I checked the bed for bugs since I had rushed out earlier. It was completely infested and ants al

l over my counter. The guy at the desk moved me rooms but I left my things in there scared I would transfer them. The next day I read how to clean my clothes but still ended up throwing 3 luggage bags away because I didn't want to risk it. The Manager looked stressed about the plumbing problem the next day when I told her and basically said bedbugs weren't her problem. She did comp us four nights for the plumbing problem...but nothing for the bugs. My advice is don't stay there. It's dirty and infested and the manager seems stressed and lacks customer service skills. The maintenance guys were helpful.

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I was bitten by bedbugs on this hotel I have several bites and it's really bad, red big bites and it itch so much I have reported to the front desk clerk and she called the general manager (it was off) and they give us me and my husband a free night at the hotel and switch room. I will write back if there is more bedbugs in the room we are in now. The hotel clerk was very polite and worry about the my ugly big red spots I had all over my skin, arms, legs, hands and feet. Only reason I write th

is post is because I do not wish anybody to go through this situation ever again.

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