La Quinta Inn Jupiter
34 Fisherman's Wharf Dr
Jupiter, FL 33477-5060

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We stayed at the La Quinta Inn June 12-17th, 2011 and were in room 326. Both myself, my roommate, and our friends in the neighboring room all came home with tons of bed bug bites.

Once I learned that what I had was bed bug bites, I spend several hours on the phone with the exterminator, and several days in my apartment doing a top-to-bottom cleaning and washing of any and all clothes and linens. Luckily, I didn't bring the bed bugs home (that I know of). However, my friend did. Her home

became infested and she had to pay an exterminator over $500 to get rid of the bugs.

I had terrible bug dreams for a week, and bites that took about a month to go away. The hotel issued a refund for our room, but did not cover any extermination/cleaning fees. This was supposed to be a relaxing and wonderful vacation...but our room was smelly, musky, and infected with bugs. Stay away.

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