Crowne Plaza Hotel Hollywood Beach Resort
4000 S Ocean Dr
Hollywood, FL 33019-3010

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Dec 27 2014
Checked in to my room and it was very dirty. Went to sleep and found four bed bugs in my sheets. Slept with my clothes on. Woke up to several more. I was scheduled to stay a week but left 12 hours later. After complaining to management nothing was done and no refund. I was happy to get out.

I am SO grossed out. While the accommodations appeared decent/comfortable bed, I have been attacked by bed bugs. I stayed at the crowne plaza for 3 nights. I noticed tiny bumps on my legs/feet. Those little creatures are me alive.

The hotel should be shut down!!!!


Stayed here 2/10/2014-2/13/2014 Found 3 bed bugs on the bed... I'm sure there were more because I did not have to look that hard to find the 3. They told me that this was an isolated incident and that they would take care of it. Obviously this was not an isolated incident! They were accommodating but.... I couldn't even stand in the new room they moved me to and ended up checking out in the middle of the night

The upper half of my body was covered in bed bug bites after 3 nights in this hotel! Don't bother reporting it though, the Crowne Plaza doesn't care.


Just came back to my room and found them crawling everywhere. Hotel says they'll send someone up to the room to "take care of it". Anyone with sense knows you can't "take care of" bed bugs by spraying or whatever they were planning to do.

Desk staff's attitude seems like this is a regular occurrence for them. Avoid this place if you can help it.

Checked in on 03/04/12 woke up in the middle of the night saw 5 of them crawling in the bathroom. So disgusted, couldn't sleep the whole night just wanted to get out of there.
Avoid room 720

jan 9-12
woke up fully bitten after the second night switched rooms more bites on 3rd night horrid experience they did refund me full amount...and staff was very helpful
but still in so much pain over 30 bites on arms back and legs..

Dec. 15th, 2011 I checked in. Dec. 16th I checked out with bed bug bites. I notified management and they insisted they did not have bed bugs. It is a week later and I still have the bites although they are healing.

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