Howard Johnson Gainesville
3820 Sw 13th St
Gainesville, FL 32608-3510

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Stayed for 2 nights for a birthday weekend (4/25/2015 - 4/27/2015) and I thought I'd been eaten alive by the time I left. I had so many bed bug bites on my legs I couldn't believe it. Wish I'd know about this sight earlier. It's now 5/15 and the bites still haven't faded away.

On September 24, 2011, I stayed in this hotel while traveling for a soccer tournament. After a long day I came back to my hotel room hoping to get a shower and go to bed. Luckily I had left my laptop on my bed before leaving, the laptop gave off enough heat to trigger the bugs out of hiding, because of this little bit of luck I was able to save my self, however not wanting to concede that their hotel had bedbugs, management would not move me to a new room, so I write this while sitting with all

my possessions in the bathtub (using extra blankets and pillows i got from the desk downstairs). DO NOT STAY HERE IF YOU CAN AVOID IT! You have been warned, because of the way my situation was treated I feel management won't fix the problem, so simply stay away from this hotel.

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