Crowne Plaza Hotel Fort Myers at Bell Tower Shops
13051 Bell Tower Dr
Fort Myers, FL 33907

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DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL! I stayed at the Crowne Plaza on 10/29/15 and checked out Friday 10/30/15. The hotel didn't have a luggage rack so I put my luggage on the sofa. When I returned home that night I placed my suitcase on a wicker chest that backs up to my bed. Saturday I noticed small dark spots on my white bedspread. There were more on Sunday. Tuesday morning when I woke up I found 4 bedbugs in my bed. That $88 room has now cost me $1200, and I can't get rid of them. I've thrown awa

y the wicker chest, the mattress, and rented a unit at Public Storage to get as much out of my room as possible. I am scared to death they are going to end up in other areas of my home. I called the hotel and was told by the manager that the room was checked thoroughly and there were no bed bugs. A few days later the company pest control called me to say the same thing. I told both of them I didn't expect to hear them say anything other than they don't have bedbugs, and that I would go online to see if there have been any other complaints about bedbugs. Sure enough, there are many others who have suffered from bedbugs in their hotel. I'm displaced in my own home. I'm sleeping on the couch living out of 2 cardboard boxes of clean clothers. I've had professionals in here and still waiting for them to die off. I spend 2 hours a day just vacuuming. I am exhausted, upset, and need this horrendous experience to be over. Until these bedbugs are gone, and from what I understand they can live a year without a source to feed from, they've not heard the last from me.

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Was just lounging on my bed with lights on, a bedbug crawled across my pillow. I reported it and have been moved to another room, but there is no way I am going to be able to sleep. I am currently holed up in the bathroom with nowhere to go. There is no one who can offer me any further advice, they only offered to move me to nearby Homewood suites, which by the postings here, appears to have an even worse problem.
I don't know what to do, as I stay here on business every month.
I don

't know how I can ever come back here, or how I am going to be able to work with my client tomorrow after staying awake in the bathroom all night.
The fear of bringing it home is unimaginable.
Living hell.

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Stayed November 2013. No bedbugs, but there was a small bug of some sort crawling on the mattress and a spider behind the headboard when we first entered the room. Went to front desk and they sent a guy to our room to spray. Didn't see anything else after that.

I have still not received a call from the general manager. I did receive a call from someone more than 24hrs after my first call to the hotel and was made to feel I was trying to pull one over on the hotel. Never staying at another Holiday Inn again.

Also stayed on 5/06/13 and found one live adult bed bug in my luggage. Called hotel but did not receive same reponse as other person who posted. Said they will checked the room I stayed in and I am waiting for a manager to call me back. Will post again with results.

Stayed there one night on 5/6/13. Came home and found an adult bed bug crawling in my luggage. So far it is the only one found. Contacted hotel and they denied ever having a report of the bed bugs and denied ever hearing it from anyone other than me. Sounds like they're hiding something ...

Stayed there 2 nights on 4/2 & 4/3 of this year Got bites and thought how did I get mosquito bites when literally had not been outside. Researched and found that bites were in threes and exactly where my night gown left exposed skin , I.e long sleeves & on wrist where sleeve ended. contacted hotel 4/6

March, 2011. I noticed just a few bites on the second to last day of our stay. I assumed it was just some sort of bug bite, but when they kept appearing and continued on the plane ride and for a day after I returned home, I realized what was really going on. Luckily, it must have only been one or two actually on me, because after a few scalding showers, it was gone.

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