Ramada Plaza Fort Lauderdale
5100 N State Road 7
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Please do not stay in this Motel...that's not a Hotel it's a motel with the Ramada Plaza name. This place is disgusting, the employees are super unprofessional and management is a joke. I will contact my lawyer and the dept. of consumers to report them. We stayed in this horrible place on June 16 2014 and woke up with bedbugs bites all over our bodies, my baby was infected with bites and crying from the bites, after reporting the accident to the front desk they showed no concern or preoccupation

they didn't even offer to help, they were so rude about it. The first thing they said was " we don't refund money" what? Who said that after we were injured thanks to your hotel been disgusting? Please do not stay in this place, you will be sorry if you do this place should not be open for business.

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Stayed at this hotel August 10th to the 12th 2013. ed bugs in room wasn't aware of what it was...switched beds...continued... switched rooms and didn't sleep. Exact same story as the other cruise package. Copy and paste. Disgusting.

We have a room booked with this hotel for jan 24th to 25th 2014 we have since found out that they have bedbugs and we do not want to stay in this hotel. We called them and asked for a refund but they are refusing to give us our money back. They have plenty of notice that we want to cancel and stay in another hotel. That's not a very good way to do business Ramada. The reason we booked is because of the well known name and reputation of the hotel chain what are they thinking not refunding people'

s money when they have bedbugs.

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I stayed here September 25th, 26th and checked out on the 27th. On the 28th, i began to notice bug-bites appearing on my wrist, arms, legs, and shoulders. I sought medical attention to determine the cause, and was told that I was covered in bed-bug bites.

I did contact the hotel to let them know about the bed bug bites, and to ensure that they treated the room. I was told that they would 'look in to it' the following morning, then told they would fill out an incident report for it. I asked i

f they would still be permitting other travelers to stay in the room despite the concern, to which they dodged my question numerous times, again re-iterating that they would have it evaluated the following morning.

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We stayed here as part of a vacation package on Jan 23 and 23, 2012. We found red streaks and some black streaks on the sheets when we got up the first morning. We did not know this was a sign of bedbugs. We asked that the sheets be cleaned, using a sign placed right on the marks. We thought we had just slept on dirty sheets and were quite disgusted. The sheets were clean as we got into bed the second night..and we found streaks on the bed again in the morning. Confused...we went on to the

next leg of our vacation on a cruise ship and 2 nights in the Bahamas. When we got home THEN I broke out severely with spots all over my arms. I saw my doctor who said these were bedbug bites. After talking to others, I learned the signs were on the sheets in Fort Lauderdale. I called the hotel who told me that I had reported the bugs when I was there. I had only reported dirty sheets, and why would I sleep on the bed a second night?! if I knew?! They confirmed the room had bedbugs and that they had used heat treatment on the 26th to clean the room. :(

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