Ramada Inn Airport
2275 W State Road 84
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

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Stay at this hotel in last week June 2012. Should of check YELP. My husband, daughter and myself were covered with bites. BED BUGS are here, didn't even think to check. Hope we didn't bring them home.

We stayed one night in the hotel and the next day were covered with bites. I have never encountered anything like this before so I didn't even think to look for bugs. Obviously their problem with bed bugs per other reports has not been remedied. This is the most awful thing I have ever encountered.

December 31, 2010, we were to stay at this hotel before a cruise. After seeing the previous report on this hotel, I called and talked with the manager to inquire if the problem had been fixed. He assured me there were NO bedbugs in his hotel. We arrived at the hotel, went into the room, moved the mattress back and found bed bugs. Went to the front desk where we were kept waiting for 25 minutes while the "engineer" (HA) checked the room only to report back to us that there were no bugs in the roo

m--just dirt, but no bugs. I know a bed bug when I see it and dust does not scurry around. There were live and dead bugs under that mattress. We finally got a refund and went to the Hilton around the corner which was bug free, beautiful, and only about $25 more than that dump!

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I only just found this site or would have reported this last year. My sister & I checked into this hotel as part of a cruise package last November (2009). We were already in bedwhen my sister noticed a bug on my pillow. We scooped it up, took it down to the lobby and googled it...BEDBUG!!! We got absolutely nowhere with the hotel staff and received no compensation from Ramada after several letters.

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