La Quinta Inn & Suites Miami - Cutler Ridge
10821 Caribbean Blvd
Cutler Bay, FL 33189-1203

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We were going to stay at this hotel Aug19th, as a lay over to getting to the Key West. I was not aware of the bug reports until we were on our way to the hotel. I informed my husband that we may not be staying to bed bugs. Good thing I checked! One of the two mattresses in the room was brand new. The second matress was stained and glad obvious bed bug marks in the creases of the matress seams. The room was freezing cold so I didn't see a live bug; however, I saw a carcass from a bed bug. We did

not stay at this hotel. And went to a hotel that advertises clean matresses.

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May 19th, 2012
We stayed at this hotel from May 16th to May 19th for a friend's wedding. The room looked quite modern, but otherwise was extremely dirty. There was a large chair in the room that looked so dirty my husband wouldn't let me sit in it. There were also hand prints on the walls. The worst thing about this room, though, was something we didn't notice until we left, that we were now covered in clusters of bedbug bites. We have never had bedbugs before, so we had not even thought t

o worry about this. But on our way home we began to wonder about the strange bug bites we had in locations that would have been impossible for a mosquito to reach and also arranged in clusters of bites. When we got home we began washing, steaming, and throwing away everything we had taken with us on this trip. In the process we discovered many small bugs, all identical looking, in the wash water from our clothes and bags. I think it is almost certain that this hotel has bedbugs. I just hope that we dont wind up with an infestation in our house!

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A group of us checked into La Quinta on Monday, May 9th, 2011 with plans to stay for a week, but after staying one night I woke up to see little bugs crawling on my pillow case. I picked up 4 or so bugs and put them in a plastic ziploc bag and had a friend inspect them who had previous experience with bed bugs. He seemed to think they could be bed bugs. We spread the word to the others in our group, and another person found one in their sheets....and it was a big one! We packed up our things

and left a few hours later. I did not see any bites on me while I was there....and now bites are popping up all over my arms and neck. Apparently, sometimes the bites don't show for a week or so. I think that these bites could have been from that one night at the La Quinta.

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