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Bed Bugs are a difficult public health problem to deal with, and there are no solid answers as to how to completely eliminate the problem. Virtually every hotel has the potential to have Bed Bugs. In the early stages of the Bed Bug life they are very, very small and almost invisible. Bedbugs are very resistant to pesticides and the most effective way to eliminate Bedbugs is to use heat to kill them. Exposure to about 120-130 degrees for several hours will kill live bugs and their eggs. However t

he next guest that checks into that room can bring new beg bugs into the room from their luggage, clothing etc.
We take the report of Bed bugs very serious. In order to protect our guests and exceed the State of Florida’s recommendations, we have a full service, proactive Bed bug prevention plan. This plan includes Education of our entire staff about Bed bugs including History, Biology, Harborages, Inspection Techniques and safety. Each of our employees is well versed in what to look for and how to take appropriate steps if a room is suspect. To further our proactive stance, we enlist the services of a Certified Pest Control Company and a Bed bug Canine detection company that perform a search of every room on our property four times per year. We feel that through Education of our staff and Proactive Inspections we are doing the upmost to protect our guests. We will address each complaint and take the appropriate steps to resolve any issues that may arise.
As mentioned above, any report we receive from a guest is thoroughly investigated by our contracted Pest Control and Canine Detection Company. (Canine detection has been certified as the most reliable way to detect bedbugs and live eggs) if confirmed that unit is treated with heat and then recertified to be free of bedbugs.

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While I was on official travel in Florida, June 2009, early morning (3:00 am) of June 12th, I was awoken by bed bugs crawling on me. I immediately called the front desk to report that I was awoken by bed bugs. The desk clerk was rude and not understanding and sympathetic at all. He asked me, what do I want him to do about it…, there was nothing he could do since it was 3:00 am in the morning. I tried to find another hotel but they were all booked. I called the front desk back and ask if s

omeone could assist me with finding another hotel. After telling the clerk how I couldn't believe his reaction to the situation was, he told me he could put me in another room, so I said yes because I wanted to get out of that room. A hotel staff person came to the room and brought me key to another room across the hall. I told him to come in the room to witness the bugs himself and he did but was reluctant to do so. I was unable to sleep or actually wanted to sit on anything in the hotel. So I sit at the kitchen table all morning until around 9:00 am then I called my co-workers who were staying in the Country Inn and Suites next door and told them my situation. They were shocked! They told me to come over right away so I did. As I was leaving the Radisson hotel room, I saw a housekeeping staffer and I asked her about the hotel having had bed bugs and she stated they do have them…. As I was checking out of the Radisson, the front desk clerk stated they would be NO hotel charge and provided me an invoice. Upon arriving at the Country Inn and Suites, I learned it was booked/no vacancies, so I stayed with a co-worker. Upon taking a shower, I and the co-worker noticed numerous bites/ red bumps on my arms and hands. Thereafter more red-itchy - irritating bumps was appearing …more and more on my arms, hands, shoulders, back and legs (looked like I had chicken-pox). We immediately started taking pictures. Throughout the day, more bumps/bites were appearing and were very red, painful and itchy. On 6/13, a co-worker and I went to the Wal-Mart. I purchased benadryl tablets to try to alleviate the itching/irritation – the tablets/medication was not working. Then and on 6/14 I decided to purchase Cortizone-10 cream to see it would help stop the itching. Since the weather was hot and humid, the bites became very irritating, embarrassing and painful. My body felt like it was on fire! I had problems showering, sleeping and felt humiliated in more ways than one! Another co-worker worked with the front desk manager at the County Inn to get me my own room. Noting, I was paranoid to sleep and sit on furnishings.
After a day of working, I finally was informed of a time to meet with Assistant Manager at the Radisson to discuss what occurred, how disrespected I was treated by his front desk staff person, how disappointed I was with the Hotel having bed bugs. He listened, apologized, and prepared and submitted a guest incident report. He stated someone from the Hotel Headquarters would be contacting. He offered me to stay at the Hotel and of course I declined.
On 6/15 - the bumps/bites and irritation got worse, so I call my primary physicians office -they told me to seek immediate medical attention while in Florida because I was having an allergic reaction to the bites. Since the Front desk at the Country Inn was informed of my situation, they told me this was not the first they heard from guests who came from the Radisson complaining about bed bugs. After the lady looked at my bites and realized how I uncomfortable I looked and felt, she too recommended that I go immediately to receive medical treatment; she provided me the name and location of the Florida Health First Physicians Care Clinic. So I promptly went there. Upon arrival at the clinic, the doctor was shocked to what had happened to me. This was her first treatment of a patient with bed bug bites. We talked about the situation and she went research the web re bed bugs. She provided me a print out of what she researched. Also, since her staff had never dealt with a case of bed bug bites, they visit me and wanted to see the bites. The doctor stated I had a bad allergic reaction to the bites. The doctor provided me with prescriptions and injection to the buttock area (this was very uncomfortable and embarrassing). She highly recommended that I get rid of my belongings; recommend not scratch the bites and seek medical attention upon my arrival home. I called my personal physician and made an appointment upon the completion of my official travel.
Upon my return back to the Hotel after medical treatment, the front desk manager, provided me information re the Radisson owner and stated I need to talked directly to him; he lived by locally. I finally met and discussed what happened and how I was treated by his staff with Radisson Hotel owner. He apologized and agreed to take care of my medical and out-of-pocket expenses (clothing and luggage, etc.). He told me that his staff had clean the room and washed the bed linen in hot water and dried them in the dryer at a high temperature; this method would kill the bed bugs. He stated bed bugs is a huge problem and it’s hard to contain/rid them because his hotel accommodate so many guests from all over who stay there to take cruises (the cruise ships are less than a quarter mile from the Hotel; you can actually see them from the Hotel)-Cape Canaveral. It was really shocking because we had a lot of VVIP guests, senior management and other guest who also was staying at this Hotel. I didn’t want the word to spread and cause people to panic, so it was discussed with me to discuss my situation directlyt with the Hotel management/owner….
For days (June 12-19 in Florida), I had to force myself to deal with the numerous irritating bites, the pain and humiliation. Since I was on official travel and was responsible for assisting and escorting many VVIPs and other guest who was attending the a VVIP event and tours. I had to hide the bites and expression of pain I felt. Some guests were able to see the bites and thought I had chicken pox (a contagious infection). This incident made my professional -position very uneasy and embarrassed. I had to wear sweaters and long-sleeve tops to cover my arms. It was hard to sleep, sit or lay on a bed and chairs thereafter. To date, I am still very concerned and caution about any bed and hotels.
Upon the end of travel and my return home, as instructed earlier by my primary physician office, I visited my primary physician on 6/22 to seek additional medical treatment/follow up and was prescribed additional medications. During this point, while at home, I was still enduring irritated and itching. On 6/30, I visited a dermatologist for medical treatment due to the dark spots from the bed bug bites. I was prescribed several medications and creams.

To date, 2012, this matter is still ongoing; want Radisson to be held them accountable. Radisson truly don't understand the seriousness of bed bugs and the impact on guests. The Hotel should be held accountable for all the pain and suffering, humiliation and embarrassment-damages I endured. This case should not be taken lightly nor considered to be a minor incident. I would never wish the pain and suffering I experienced and endured to any person.

Horrible experience....

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