Embassy Suites Hotel
661 Nw 53rd St
Boca Raton, FL 33487-8210

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Late in reporting this one: We were @this hotel in late March 2013...I dozed off finally after a rough day & woke up to a bedbug hanging out on my covers!

I freaked out...the mild mannered husband freaked out...

Can't recall what room we were in, but the lady @the front desk was apologetic, cordial & offered us a new room w/free internet...

That compensation was nice, but the whole experience was hell...Didn't sleep a wink for the next 2 days. The husband demanded our second night to b

e comped for the stress and fear of the critters. The managers did it, although the were not happy about his demands, but they agreed toit.

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08/01/2013 Room 710
Found a live bed bug in bathroom my 9 year old caught it and brought it to me. I looked it up on-line and I am 100% sure is was a bed bug. Called the front desk and demanded a room far away from the one I was in. They sent up an "inspector" and he said "bed bugs can not be in the bathroom." He then removed the head board of the bed (which was filthy behind it.) He said yup no bugs back here means no bugs in the room. When I said what about the 1 right here and I showed

him the bug in the bathroom. He said hmmm... maybe its not a bed bug. Showed him the large picture on my laptop and said why don't you look again. He grabbed the bug and walked out. They moved us to a different room 608 and I see no evidence of the bugs here, but am very nervous about staying in the hotel at all but don't have anywhere else to go. Oh and they offered me free interenet to make up for the trouble. Which I am using to post this. Front desk was rude and defensive, I thought I was being kind by not screaming about bed bugs at the top of my lungs. Either way Do NOT stay in this hotel

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