Walt Disney World Swan
1200 Epcot Resort Blvd
Bay Lake, FL 32830

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October 12, 2012 walt disney swan hotel room 423. I always check the room for bed bugs i put my gloves on and got my light. checked the dust ruffle first on the first queen size bed and their they were i found a total of 4 bed bugs on the dust ruffle and multiple on the bed itself the bed was filty like sheets havent been changed hair blood stains just disgusting. Didnt get a chance to check the other bed we also had an adjoining room that i didnt check we called management right away too

k them 20 minutes or longer for them to show we finally got our rooms changed they confirmed thy were bed bugs supposedly they treated our luggage and clothes. checked the other room no bed bugs their that was on the 7th floor but by no means will i ever stay here again!!

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Swan hotel, aug 3rd thru aug 8th, 2012. Our room was infested with fleas. By day 4 it was intolerable. We informed the manager who told me they were Mosquitos. My legs were covered with welts. After mgr insulted us me several times, finally forced him to document. They sent up security to photograph my welts. We left early the next morning. My entire family was infested and it look us several months to rid our home and selves of this. Would not recommend staying at swan.

Dolphin - room 5082
June 25, 2012 - asked for a set of new towels.
The new towels had a passenger - a bed bug, which we promptly flushed dowm the toilet.

No bed bugs found in our room. I checked the beds, the headboards, all the dressers and chairs.
No bites on us.

stayed at the dolphin dec 22-26 in room 5032. there were NO BED BUGS. and i checked everywhere.

Just returned from a 4 night stay Nov. 9-13, 2011. Stayed in room 798 and happy to report no bed bugs. Checked mattresses, chair, dresser etc.

Stayed at the Swan Sept 28 - Oct 1. On the 3rd floor with a balcony facing the Boardwalk. No bed bugs at all. Checked the bed and the pull out couch. All good.

I stayed at The Swan for three nights in mid-March 2011. I had checked this registry ahead of time and saw that there had been reports of bed bugs. I called the hotel and spoke to the director of housekeeping, who was incredibly nice and told me she would have my room inspected for beg bugs in advance of my arrival. When I checked in at the front desk, one of the housekeeping mangagers informed me that he had personally checked the room earlier that morning, and that there were no bed bugs. He d

efinitely eased my mind and we had a great stay.

It seems like this hotel is doing everything it can to avoid a bed bug epidemic, and they were very responsive to my concerns.

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We loved the Disney Swan. Stayed there for five nights in mid-March 2011. Unfortunately our room 957 had bed bugs. My sister woke up each morning with more and more welts on her. We finally realized it was bed bug bites after doing a little research. We decided to stay in the room since it was near the end of our trip by the time we figured out the problem. Luckily the kids were not bitten and oblivious to the problem.

Upon checking out we told a manager who said he would have the room i

nspected. I haven't found out the verdict but I can't imagine it was anything else.

I'm posting this because I think we need to share knowledge on the bed bug problem (dare I say epidemic) but I really don't want anyone to judge the Swan by this post. I challenge you to find any hotel that doesn't have bed bugs reports (not just through this registry). I think the best we can do is to become knowledgable and take necessary precautions when we come home from any hotel stay (suitcases outside, clothes immediately in a hot dryer). And recognize that not everyone reacts to bites so don't assume the room it bb free just because you seem bite free.

Also just remember there are many many more serious things going on in this world than a bunch of pesky bugs.

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I had to change rooms after I found bugs in both beds in my room the week of January 18, 2011. I was told an independent firm inspected and did not find bed bugs in the room. I think this is a false report and there was nothing provided to me in writing. This place is a poor example of customer service and cleaniless. I moved to another room and scoped the bed/linens very carefully. So far I'm O.K., but be careful if you are stuck there on business. I would think twice before ever taking a

family there.

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I woke up with a bedbug bite on my leg this morning 11/7/2010. The hotel clerk did not seem surprised or apologetic.

I would never bring a child there.

We have been at this hotel for 3 days and today we reported 18 bites on my legs to the front desk manager who then guaranteed they would have Eco Lab come and inspect our room. We were later told the room results were negative and all was well. After researching the hotel and bed bugs we found several (I mean several) complaints for this hotel. We politely spoke with the hotel night front desk manager and Kenny in security asking for written confirmation from the report. We were denied stati

ng some vague company policy. In further discussions reversed the question of "what would you do if you were in my position" and we were told that they would "just drop it".
Finally after two hours of discussion and negativity we were told we would be receiving not the report but a letter on company letter head that the room results came up negative.
Please pass this information on to everyone. This is poor, poor, customer service.

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Je signale que cet hotel avait des punaises en 2009.

J'ai séjourné au SWAN & DOLPHIN du 08 Octobre 2009 au 13 Octobre 2009 pour une convention professionnelle, et j'ai du changer de chambre au bout de 48h car il y avait des punaises de lit dans les deux lits de ma chambre.
L'hotel m'a offert une nuit lors de mon séjour.

[Translation: This hotel had bedbugs in 2009. I stayed at SWAN AND DOLPHIN on October 13 for a convention, and I had to change rooms after 48 hours because there were

bedbugs in both of the beds in my room. The hotel offered me a free night's stay]

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