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GROSS, GROSS, GROSS!!! Bed bugs were found in the 1st hotel room (little mermaid) that they put us in, after I got bit. They switched us over to the cars suite, and I got bit again; pest control swore that there were no bed bugs found when they checked. I went home to New York, got bit, and when I called in an exterminator, bed bugs were found in my (bed)room!!! DO NOT STAY HERE!

After entering our Cars Suite Room, we pulled down the Murphy bed and found 2 bed bugs on the end of the mattress. I called the front desk to report this and was moved to a different room. We thoroughly inspected our second room and found no sign of bed bugs. Our previous room was inspected and they said no more bed bugs were found. Stayed 4 nts and had no more encounters.

Great Hotel and staff, but I recommend checking room thoroughly.

April 28th-May 1st.Stayed at Art of Animation resortin Disney world..Property is over run with bed bugs..In the beds and in the hallways...

Disney World's Newest Resort Art of Animation August 17, 2012. While packing I encounter a bedbug on the bedroom dresser. I now know why we might have been given an up graded resort room.

This is Florida! There are bugs that bit and not all bedbugs.
Every story about getting bed bugs at Disney never has a smoking gun or bug. I stay at Disney twice a month. I also stay at a Hilton hotel 2-3, nights a week 5 out of 7 weeks. In five years I have found one room with bed bugs, a Hilton in Washington. I found a bug and allowed the hotel to inspect. Theymoved me and compensated me a night. I always inspect the room, in 5 minutes, and then take the precautions from this website. The in

formation also follow the same guidelines when I get home.
Half of these stories are bs since you can not provide a bug. Stop trying to get your Vacation paid for!!!!!!!!

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Contacted da dolphin resort I stood @ n after a few days da manager got bak2me n said they didnt find bedbugs, of course u didnt, Im all da way n Chicago, of course u would say that! Exterminator came fri, Im guna drop sum foggers n da morn n do my own spray'n n thn der cumn bak fri again, I really hope dis taks care o my dilemma. Ive neva xperienced anythin lik dis n my life, n now dat Im aware n no longer ignorant 2bedbugs, I really hope I neva do again... Thanx Mickey...

I liv n Chicago n I went2Disney with my Kids from 8/13-8/20, we [email protected] swan, my daughter stood n da rm wit me n her father, my sons had their own rm. Really dnt remember getn [email protected], but thn again they say da bites can tak up2 14days 2show. My daughter's always outside n it was a nice hot summer here in Chicago dis yr, so whn she started complain'n o bites I jus assumed they were mosquito bites n brushed't off n supplied'r wit a bottle o calamine lotion. We liv on da lake n hav so many bug

s I didnt think much o it. Around 3wks ago I started getn bit n even caught a lil clear bug, which I now no is a nymph, crawling on my pillow. I truly thought I had dustmites so I thoroughly cleaned my rm. @dis point I did chk my bed cuz sum1suggested't might b bedbugs, didnt c any. Continued2get bitten, but my daughter even worse, so a few days ago I decided 2 tak'r rm apart n clean as I did my own, there those horrible blood suckers were, all in'r mattress n bed skirt, b'n about 2-3 wks since I chkd my own rm I chkd again, n voila, they were now also n my rm. Da exterminator came yesterday n chkd, not havn [email protected] cuz I threw mine my daughters bed away. Fortunately there was a shell of 1 under my couch, great, theyre n da livn rm2, chkd my sons rm, not n der yet. They'll b bak mon2exterminate, bcuz I hav2wrap everythin n plastic. How would I hav known dat, Ive neva had dis, let alone eva even seen1 b4, jus even recently heard of it on da news. Hav2sleep wit da bugs til mon, its now fri 3:35am, cnt sleep, havnt slept good n 3days. They say spay alcohol n I did but, is dat really guna help

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I have dates on at least 200 or more on WDW property this year alone, dates and resorts that are positive for bedbugs, they all have stories but i just deal with when and where. I have some good info on their K9 Daisy and some guest enconters because I was present when the room was found to be positive.

If you google disney world bedbugs, this registry lists several disney properties with bedbugs. For some reason when you enter the hotel name it does not show the reports on the report bedbugs page.

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