Disneys Yacht Club Resort
1700 Epcot Resort Blvd
Bay Lake, FL 32830-8407

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Staying only one night. It was a comedy of errors. Was supposed to be in club level with two rooms adjoined for disabled teen. Arrived very late (12 am) and they had the rooms on different floors. Finally after one hour (with no key) got a room together on street level floor.

Comedy of errors so ridiculous that it is still hard to believe. Manager was very apologetic and tried to make amends. Continued to make mistakes and had only 4 hours at the magic kingdom before getting on a p

lane to fly home.

Did not get home until 3 am as it was one of those trips...plane delayed then gate malfunction when arriving, etc.
Next morning noticed itching and bumps on chest. Tonight, have multiple bites on arms and shoulders and chest.

The room was 1071 and I did not look for bed bugs but now I am wondering if the room was not cleaned well because we had to wait over an hour to get in and they could not give us a key...kind of strange...

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My girlfriend and I found 5 bedbugs in room 4061....what we thought was the perfect room with the perfect view ended up being a nightmare...the disney pest control people confirmed the bedbugs and the yacht club took all of our laundry and fabrics to get thrown in a dryer to eliminate the problem....they offered to pay for the 1 nights stay and gave us both an outfit in the gift shop to wear while our clothes where cooking in the dryer...they moved us to room 4065 which after intense inspection

seemed to be ok to sleep in...this was not the magical experience we wanted but yacht club handled it in the best way they could....i will forever check the sheets at any disney resort from this point on

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We stayed here from 11/1/10-11/6/10 and we stayed on the 5th floor club level. Upon waking upon the second day, we both (2 guests) noticed several small red bite marks that itched a lot. We contacted hotel management and they inspected the room and took the bed apart. The concierge manager was very apologetic. After investigating, they said they found nothing and they said they would bring a dog. Later that day, the concierge manager called and told us that per policy, the dog is not allowed to

examine occupied rooms. For the remainder of our vacation, we slept on top of the bed and found better result than when we had slept under the sheets.

For the amount of money we paid to stay here, we were very disappointed that they were never able to do anything about this while we were there. We had to leave here without the peace of mind of knowing whether we would contaminate our home when we returned with our luggage.

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