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This is the 2nd time I'm posting this because my first one never showed up. My husband and I stayed at Wilderness Lodge from 10/26/14 to 11/8/14 in room 3115. No bed bugs at all, and I know how to look for them! I ripped that room apart the day we checked in, and it was all clear. We had a great time!

Once again .... Room 1014. Completely inf tested and with bedbugs. It was so bad that the damn bed bugs took all of tmmy thetans. Thankfully the manager of some obscure restaurant in Hilton head saver the day .... Thanks Marty

Stayed at Wilderness Lodge from 10/27/14 to 11/8/14 in room 3115. Stripped both the beds doem before settling in--no evidence of bed bugs!

Stayed in villa 3502 9/1-9/7. Day after we got home, my husband and I started developing rows of bite marks on our shoulders, arms and necks. Inspector has checked our house and found nothing. We were bitten at the hotel. This is the only time I cannot remember checking the mattresses right when we got there. Sorry I didn't! Fortunately our son in the next room was not bitten. Now waiting to see if we have hitch hikers from our luggage. Called resort; they transferred me immediately to c

laims, when I was really just calling to make sure they cleaned the room up...

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we have stayed at wilderness lodge every year since 2006 and yes i have gotten bites but not from bed bugs the little knats at night cause bites are only ankel area i check every time we go and have never found any evidence of bed bugs knat bits yes if by lake area

We stayed at Wilderness Lodge December 26, 2011 through January 2, 2012. I don't remember our room number or floor.

We noticed bites at the time, but thought they were from mosquitoes. I had heard of bedbugs, but did not know I should check the mattresses and should never put luggage on the beds. We brought the bugs home with us and now we've been fighting them for months.

I stayed at the wilderness lodge villas the week before xmas for the past 4 years and never had any problems concerning bed bugs.

Stayed at wilderness lodge room 6062 for one night 3/17/2012. Happy to report no bed bugs! Brought my flashlight, checked EVERYTHING And all I found was alot of dust!

Interesting to read about the Oct 21 report for Room 1014 at Ft. Wilderness. We have just returned from a week stay in the same room and had one of our family that has over 100 bites. We also had family in the adjoining room 1016, that had bites upon leaving.

We have informed the hotel and WDW of the information, but seems like there are issues with that particular room that have not been resolved.

Should have checked your website before we went there.

10/12/11 I just returned from a week at the Wilderness Lodge (10/2 - 10/7) and my arms are a mess with clusters of bites; as well as a couple on my feet, legs, and hips. I was alone in my room while my sister and her husband stayed in another room down the hall and around the corner from my room (first floor, Room 1014). Neither of them returned with any bites, just me.

Stayed here three times in three years and have never seen bed bugs. Our last stay was from July 23-30. Absolutely no bed bugs.

We stayed in Wilderness Lodge at Club Level on 5/5 to 5/10 and checked entire room (3 rooms for our party) and saw no evidence of any bed bugs. Did not hear of anyone complaining at this resort of it either.

What room were you in at Wilderness Lodge? I'm planning on staying there in October, and I was happy to know there had been no reports -- but now there is yours. Did you bring any bedbugs/eggs home with you?

We stayed at Disney's Wilderness Lodge from May 8th 2011 to May 11th 2011. My son and I both have bed bug bites on various parts of our body. I have them on my feet, legs, arm, and hip. The room and sheets were very clean, but the next time I travel I will remove linens and check the mattress. I will call the Wilderness Lodge to let them know, I don't want anyone else to deal with this! Luckily, we made a pit stop on our way home and did laundry (the dryer broke right before vacation), hopefull

y nothing came home with us!

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