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Nov. of 2013 we found bed bugs in our room at the Polynesian Resort. We were on the Concierge Level. Disney has a protocol that they follow when bed bugs are discovered starting with Pest Control having to confirm the critters! Ruined our vacation but Disney did compensate us and moved us to a new hotel.

July 2013. Got eaten alive.

Stayed April 29-May 03. Daughter had bites on arms first couple days, didn't even think about bedbugs. On the third day, she had multiple bites all over her back. Pest service came in to check the bed, and found a bed bug. They moved us, and comped one nite out of four. They cleaned all clothes and luggage and bought new clothes to sleep in and for next day. Basically screwed up an entire day, along with having daughter being bitten about 40 times? Confirmed bedbugs by mgmt and pest service.

Stayed at the Polynesian Resort April 21 to April 27, 2013 and had 2 rooms. Myself in one room and my son in another were bitten numerous time by bedbugs. When I realized I was being bitten in the room I reported it at the front desk, and they did not seem surprised. They said the rooms would be inspected and they would call me on my cell phone. They did call about 2 hours later and informed me our rooms were being moved that they did test positive for bedbugs. They took our clothes and lug

gage away to be treated and gave us a one night credit. Really??!!! I will be disputing with credit card company! Our luggage is still outside tied up in black plastic bags and will sit in the sun for about a month.
We also saw one of their buildings empty and being gutted, and were told by some of the workers that after that they were tearing our building down and the one next to it. Hmmm!!! I would never dream of staying there again.

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Bed bugs in room. Switched rooms and had luggage/clothes cleaned. Lost 24 hours of vacation dealing with problem.

12/6-12/13 Tokelau building of polynesian. No bed bugs.

December 2012
Bed bugs in our room 2012. Found one crawling on our bed. Disney did clean our clothes and suitcases. We changed hotels but have not slept well since. Noticed bites on my neck. I just pray I did not bring them home with me!

Stayed in 3416 Tuvalu July 23-27. Room was wonderful, WITHOUT bed bugs.

We were there in early June 2012.
I found a couple bed bugs crawling in the nook where the coffee is between the closets. I put one in a ziploc bag and took it up to the desk and asked them to verify if it was a bed bug or not, as I am quite paranoid of them. Daughter had bites on face and legs upon waking up from our first night.
Pest Management came and discovered bed bugs in the box springs of the beds.

Management was quick to move us and take all of our luggage, clothes, stroller, etc

. to clean and reimbursed us for buying all new everything for two days.
However, the stress of this all wrecked our disney vacation that we saved so long for. My kids cried as their favorite stuffed animal and blankets were taken away before them by strangers to be cleaned and none of us slept well even in the new room. Our room was cleaned but I don't know if the adjoining rooms are cleaned as they are connected by a door in the room and bed bugs could easily crawl under to.

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Just returned from 4 nights at the Polynesian (Tokelau building). Had no problems with bed bugs.

2/5-11/2012- Stayed in Tavalu. No bedbugs at all. Room was terrific!!

12/4 - 12/7/11 - room 2017 in Tahiti building of WDW Polynesian hotel - bed located closest to bathroom - first night 1 bite - second night a few bites - third night many, many bites on face, arms, hands, chest, back - complained loudly and insistently to management morning of 12/7 - they came in and made assessment - room tested positive for bedbugs - they moved us to another room on another floor - sent us to gift store to buy new clothes - took everything away from us to be cleaned including

baby stroller - items were returned end of day following day - we checked the room and did not find any evidence of infestation before calling them but when they did the inspection they found the bed bugs in the headboard (dark wicker wood attached to wall) - we were refunded the nights we spent in infested room - we were shocked - never expected this in a upscale WDW resort with perfect Magic Kingdom view - so disappointed

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I stayed at the Disney Polynesian Resort Hotel in room 3408 (tuvalu) on September 1st until the 13th of September. My room was infested with bed bugs. Me, my wife and my children are with the body full of bites. The only action we took was in the hotel room to change. We saw that the room was already infested busy the next day.
An Absurd.
I hope I have brought to Brazil.

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