Disneys All Star Sports Resort
1701 W Buena Vista Dr
Bay Lake, FL 32830

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I stayed with my team for a cheer competition from 4/26/15-5/2/15 and although I got lucky and my room didnt have any bed bugs, my friends room did! And when I went to take a shower I found 3 roaches in my bathtub crawling up the drain. We called the front desk, and by the time they came(60 minutes by the way), the roaches were gone! All he did was run water down the drain, said it was fine, then left.CAUTION when staying at this hotel, check for bed bugs BEFORE unpacking, check for roaches as w

ell. Otherwise nice, accommodating, and affordable hotel.

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Room 4116, confirmed. All our clothes for treatment. Ugh.


Came to Disney for a cheerleading competiton for my daughter . We stayed in romm 2346 at all star sports. When I was taking a shower one morning I saw a bug run out after I was finished and I thought it was a roach. Called the desk for an exterminator to come and he did. He looked at the bug we killed and thought nothing of it. That night I found a bug on my bed it started to crawl when I turned the lights on and I called the desk immediately and they sent someone up and it was

confirmed that it was bed bugs. They took all of our suit cases, clothes to be treated. It was the vacation from hell . They put us in a new room and bought us new clothes for the next day and night until our clothes get returned to us. It was such a big Inconvenience and I hope we don't bring anything home with us. Didn't even want to sleep in the new room they gave us which they checked also and was fine . These rooms should be checked better before checking someone else into them.

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My class just came back from out senior class trip April 10-14th 2013 and about 4 rooms had bed bugs. I checked my room everywhere and had no problems but if I stay at an ALL STAR RESORT next summer I want to be sure we dont get rooms with bed bugs or ill be very unhappy. Other wise its a great affordable hotel.

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