Disneys All Star Music Resort
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My mom and dad took a little trip to Disney World mid Feb 2013. My family has been going to Disney for years and never had any problems. This particular time they stayed all All Stars Music Hotel. They got one room and a whole lot of problems. The hotel had bed bugs and they brought them home accidentally. We've never dealt with such a misery. They had to throw out all the beds, couches, etc. and tear out all the carpeting, and get an exterminator! Then we noticed someone took the mattress out

of the trash. Not the best decision they ever made, hope they don't have to deal with the same thing!

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We had bed bugs in all 6 of our rooms in 3502-3510. It was a total nightmare and we had to change resorts.

My daughter stayed in All Star Music for an orchestra field trip event. She brought back bed bugs:( going to cost Thousands to get rid of them

My husband and I just left today. We stayed in the Broadway section Room number 8052 and there were no signs of bedbugs whatsoever. Had a fantastic vacation!!!!

Large family vacation on 12/16/11 to 12/22/11, 17 people, 4 rooms at All Star Music Resort. Horrible nightmare!! My daughter-in-law and son got bit. Wasn't sure at first what the bite was from. My daughter-in-law's bite turned into cellulitis. Had them check the room for bed bugs and at first they said they only saw "old" activity, nothing current. The next morning, the bed bug sniffing dogs were brought in and the room tested positive for bed bugs. We had the other 3 rooms checked and 2 of them

also were infested with bed bugs. Why don't they bring in the dogs to check after every guest stay to avoid this happening?!!Took away all our luggage, clothing, kids blankets and stuffed animals they sleep with, etc. to be treated. Had to buy other clothing and supplies (which we were reimbursed for) to last us until we got our things back. When we did get out belongings back, clothing was all mixed up and we were missing a few items. Took a huge toll on our vacation. Shortened our park time because we had to deal with all of this. If one more person would have told me to have a "Magical Day" I would have slapped them! They did comp us for the room costs but it totally ruined our long-awaited vacation!! We will never go to Disney World again!!

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My family stayed at Disney's All Star Music Resort May 14 - May 22 , 2011. Two days into the stay I saw two live bed bugs in the bathroom! GROSS!! I captured them and showed them to the hotel manager, who had them verified as true bed bugs.They gaves us a different room and free clothes from the gift shop treated our possesions and comped us some park passes and generally did what it took to make things right. Had I not caught the actual live bugs I wonder how they might of handled it. My daught

er turned out to have a few bites. I will never be so niave about hotels again! My perception of "Disney Magic" is totally scarred by the experience.

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My family spent 5 nights here in Mid November 2010. I called a few days in advance to voice my concerns about bedbugs. I asked if they have staff on hand who are trained to recognize a bedbug problem and was told that they did. The woman I spoke to allegedly put a note on my reservation to check our room for bedbugs. There's no way for me to be sure that they did check (or are even capable of checking), but we checked ourselves immediately upon entering the room and did not see anything. We

were careful not to leave any of our belongings on the floor as a precaution, but did not see any evidence of bedbugs during our stay. We've been home for over 2 weeks and have not seen any indication of bedbugs. My advice to you is educate yourself before you go. Go online and learn how to check for bedbugs. Then call the hotel and ask them to have your room checked. I highly doubt that they check every room upon vacancy, but maybe they do check if you ask them to. It's worth a try.

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