Quality Inn University
1120 S College Ave
Newark, DE

Found 2 reports:

I was part of the same party listed above. The place looked fine from outside, but when you stepped inside...EW! We ended up having to switch hotels and when we got to the reception desk (at the Howard Johnson's across the street) we were informed we weren't the FIRST to have the same issue; several others had come to the other hotel for the same problem!!


We had a family function and all had reservations at the Quality Inn. When we checked in, my mother immediately found bed bugs. There was even one that had been smooshed on the blanket and there was blood on the blanket (the place was also filthy). It was about 6 p.m. when we checked in and when we went to the front desk to report it (10 minutes later), the manager went to the room, denied that there were bed bugs and changed the code so we couldn't get back in the room (my mother wanted to take

pictures). Then he wouldn't refund our money because it was past the 4 p.m. cancellation time!

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