Howard Johnson Hotel Inn & Suites
1119 South College Ave., Newark, Delaware, United States
Newark, DE

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Stayed at Howard Johnson, at College Ave, Newark Delware on Oct 5th, 2013. Grandson woke up and said there were bugs in bed. Sure enough the beds had bedbugs. I got bit and had an allergic reaction to bites. Called the doctor and now on a strong antibiotic and 2 other meds. I have huge welts. I have lymphadema in my right arm and run the risk of infection. Very disappointed. They offered to reimburse us for room and a free stay-not bloody likely. Hard lesson learned-check beds thoroughl

y. We left the hotel at around 6 am. Threw my bags away and washed clothes several times. I am so itchy. My husband and grandson also got bit but did not have the reaction I had. Doctor informs me welts can show up a day or two after being bit.

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Checked in 2/3/12.

Two mattresses were sitting outside the hotel near a balcony. Bad sign.

When we pulled back the covers on the bed, the entire bed was swarming. Bugs as big as dimes to bugs as small as the tip of a needle, all crawling around.

We pieced out as fast as possible. One of the more disturbing experiences of my life.

We stayed at this motel the night of September 30, 2011. Although a cursory inspection of the mattress showed no evidence of bedbugs when we checked in, the next day my wife became acutely aware of two places on her leg where she had been bitten by bedbugs during the night. Since this was our only night away from home on this trip, we can only conclude that there were, in fact, bedbugs in this motel. We will never stay here again.

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