Quality Inn & Suites Skyways
147 N Dupont Hwy
New Castle, DE 19720-3135

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Date:Tuesday July 2nd 2013
Hotel: Quality Inn and Suites
Location:147 N Dupont Hwy New Castle DE

On this day I stayed at The Quality Inn and Suites hotel location for business. as I usually do. I Sat everything down in my room. I never like sleeping on the beds, so I was going to throw my plastic covers over the bed. But thank God I saw this small bug crawling around the top of the bed and then I saw likw a few dead bugs under my pillow. I called the fromnt desk to report it and I changed m

y room, but I was very afraid to be in the new room as well. That is so grossed. The room was on the second floor rooom 235. I would advice everyone to avoid that room. That mattress is contaminated. They really didn't act like they were surprised, well I was and I don't want to stay there again. If they w3ant guest, they need to keep their rooms cleaner and insoect the areas more frequently. Be aware room 235 folks!!!

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