Windsor Inn
1842 16th St Nw
Washington, DC 20009

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I stayed at this hotel on August 3-4, 2012. The hotel itself was nice enough, and I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary while I was there. But over the course of the weekend I did get about fifteen "mosquito bites," which became extremely swollen and itchy starting about a day after they appeared.

It was only after I got home that the idea of bedbugs even crossed my mind and I researched them. I'm certain now it's what the bites were--because they had telltale signs such as occurring

three in a line, waking me up around dawn, and forming welts over the following week. I'm also certain they came from the hotel--seeing as the bites showed up progressively over that weekend.

I had quite a scare at home afterwards, trying to sterilize my belongings thoroughly and hoping the bugs hadn't already colonized the house. But all turned out well in the end, phew.

I was on the first above-ground floor of the hotel, room 304 or so.

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A sales rep for our company has come back from one of our events in Washington D.C. with 2-3 dozen bed bug bites, each the size of a quarter. We will not be using this hotel in the future.

Looks like they've spread from the basement - I mean garden rooms. Hopefully they take care of it soon, i mean the staff are friendly enough and they have a kitty. Anyway, I caught the nasty critter as it walked across my top cover to greet me, held it hostage in a drinking cup and brought it to the manager. He tried to deny it but when I showed him my new friend he moved me to a bed bug free room with what felt like a protector on the new mattress.

The problem with this hotel is that they have this underground bunker sort of area that they've turned into more space for rooms. The specific "strip" I'm talking about you have to go down the stairs, turn left, round the corner and you're faced with a door that has the numbers 106, 107, 108, 109 on it. Those are supposed to be the "garden" rooms.
I checked in at night. I opened the door and it took a second or 2 for the motion activated lights to switch. Rooms 106 and 107 are abandoned, th

eir doors open and inside it's creepily dark. My room 109 was at the end close to the fire exit overlooking an open air area at the bottom of the building. Across, on the wall they have painted a poor impression of a "garden".
I got in and the room is obviously old. I'm sitting on the bed, fully clothed and lo and behold there's a small, almost flat, oval shaped insect walking across the white top sheet. BED BUG!
I flip over the cover and there's a tiny, almost lint like orange thing crawling across the bed.

This place is horrible and horrendous. Stay here at your peril.

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