William Penn House
515 E Capitol St Se
Washington, DC 20003-1142

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I stayed at Willem Penn House twice in June & July 2008 everything was great except the following morning in a friend's apartment in NY after taking the Bolt bus there I found that I had been infested my last night at WPH with BBs & had now brought them to the NY apartment where my friend & her daughter were just setting off to spend Independence day with their families. What a nightmare it all was! I found out that WP House had had an infestation the week before in the very bunk bed berth that

they had given me so they knew 100% about this & had not properly treated the problem nor warned guests that this could be a risk, the room was full with over 12 guests, they neither apologized nor offered any compensation, or even bothered to get back to me after I'd told them by phone & given them my email address the day after booking out from them - they already had my details on file anyway. I had to throw out expensive luggage, badly shrunk & faded most of my clothes from very hot washing & drying them many times, had to pay $200 for ruined bedding to my host, lost days of my holidays cleaning & chemical spraying every nook of my bedroom while I slept on just a sheet in the middle of the room on the bare floorboards except I hardly slept & spent nights catching them with sticky tape as they came to feed on me. Staying in a luxury suite at a 5 star hotel in DC would have been much cheaper as this in all cost me about $1,000 with losses, doctors fees & prescriptions, exterminator's consultation & products but worst the stress was horrible, if the loft had been infected - for instance if I'd have slept on the living room sofa next day or missed any eggs when scrubbing my room then this would have cost me many 10s of thousands of $s, if it was the building that needed professional treating then over $100,000. Worst ever traveling experience, I still shudder at the traumatic memory of it all. So any place that does get these then please deal with it completely thourougly & competently, do not ever leave any chance of infecting other subsequent guests, seal the whole room off, throw out responsibly all affected matreses, bedding, towels, shower mats or bunks then repeatedly treat & check the results before letting out the space again, to check the owner should sleep in that same space for 1 week.

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Bed bugs crawling underneath the sheets, so horrific, management were dismissive and rude!

October '09

My daughter went on a school trip and stayed in William Penn House. Now she is covered in bites. Some new ones popped up this morning, so we are thinking her room is infested. William Penn House did know they had a problem. This occurred on Oct. 1-3, 2008.

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