The Georgetown Inn
1310 Wisconsin Ave Nw
Washington, DC

Found 2 reports:

In December 2015, I stayed in the hotel and was itching all night. Legs had bites on them! I've never experienced anything like it before (never slept on a bed that made me itch and woke up with bites). There was also a cockroach in the bathroom! I informed the manager who denied that the hotel had bugs and they said they couldn't find any evidence of it. I hope there is never a next time but I wished I had taken a photograph of the cockroach on my phone.

Rm 412, September 2014 I got in bed and was checking email on my tablet when I felt an itch. I looked down at my legs which were under the sheets. One had 8 bites on one leg and 4 on the other within 10 minutes of getting in bed. I couldn't find a bug, but the area around the bed and mattress was so dusty and unclean that I didn't look further. Management gave me a new room and told me several time that "THERE ARE NO BEG BUGS IN THIS HOTEL! THERE ARE NO BEG BUGS IN WASHINGTON DC!" The person at

the desk said I must have been bitten by a mosquito but I looked online and my bites looked just like bedbugs and they didn't seem anything like mosquito bites.

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