River Inn
924 25th St Nw
Washington, DC

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In March 2006, my husband and I had to vacate a room because the bed was infested with bedbugs. The management relocated us to another suite. My husband had been bitten one night by something. I was suspicious and we checked a bit but went back to bed. The second night, it happened again. We took the bed apart, pulling up the mattress, and then discovered the bedbugs.

We kept our luggage and clothes in the garage when we returned home and washed everything. Fortunately, we had no furth

er problems. I have checked TripAdvisor since and have seen no other incidents reported. (I did post to TripAdvisor but was not aware of this site.)

It's a nice little hotel and was probably an isolated incident. The management appeared to be diligent in its response.

Now I keep my luggage off the floor and in the bathroom on a luggage rack when possible.

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