Renaissance Washington DC
999 9th St Nw
Washington, DC

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Last night Dealt with some bites on my right foot. Now healing but no sign of bugs, I checked the mattress and went over the general room when I checked in so not sure if they are transferred when they clean or just not visibly infested yet.

I stayed at this hotel in December, 2014. The hotel rooms are not cleaned properly. I stayed on the fifth and seventh floor. I changed rooms twice. My friend visited me in the hotel. She received numerous bites on her arms, neck, legs, and the side of her face. I was itching almost the entire stay. I had to wash clothes and take items to the dry cleaners before I returned home. This hotel may look pretty on the outside. Bedbugs! Be aware. Avoid!

A friend of mine stayed at this hotel Aug 12 through Aug 15, 2014. She had numerous bites on my legs, back and neck. One even on her face!! Reported to the hotel.

I stayed on the 7th floor on August 1 & 2, 2014. I have bed bug bites on my back and side as a result.

I stayed at this hotel in the 7th floor from June 11-12 and was eaten alive on both lower legs (more than 30 bites). I had to stay at the hotel again the following week for another night. I showed the manager photos of the bites and other than a weak “we're sorry“ nothing else came. No compensation offer,nothing. In fact I was given the room right next door to the infested room! This room was so badly cleaned (filthy) that I demanded another. I'm a regular gueast and find the hotel rather di

rty lately.

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Stayed at hotel over April vacation, 15th-18th. Nice hotel, very comfy beds and NO bug bites :) We loved it.

I stayed at this hotel May 13-16, 2012. I checked out on the 16th and woke to some bites on my torso and a few on my arms. I didn't know what they were. By the weekend, I had bites all up and down both arms, on my upper back, top of my breasts and two on my upper hip and one on each knee. I went to the dermatologist only to find out I had selpt in a space he said was "infested" with bed bugs. I immediately called a professional who inspected my home - he went over my luggage with a LED flas

hlight and magnifying glass, he took my bed completely apart, checked all along the ribbing and in any recessed tufts of fabric. He turned the box springs over, he checked my entire couch, turning it over as well. He also placed white traps under my bed legs and told me to check those at intervals in the event he had missed one traveling from my luggage to my bed. Then his trained dog went through my small duplex. While the professional couldn't guarantee it,it doesn't appear I brought any bed bugs home. He also said that although the Renaissance Claims representative told me that I could have brought a bug home from the airplane, when he saw my arms, he confirmed what my doctor confirmed. My infestation DID NOT come from my home. It is the 28th and following a doctor's appointment and an ointment that required a $37 dollar co-pay, I am still itching although the ointment and doses of benadryl to sleep help. I'm most unhappy with the cavalier, non responsive attitude of the hotel.......

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Stayed in this hotel 8/14-8-20. Got numerous bites on my lower legs and ankles. Cannot say for sure it was bed bugs, never saw any.

I stayed at this hotel from 4/29 - 5/3. The first night I awoke to itching on my arms and legs. It got so bad that I got up and started inspecting the sheets. ONLY to find small dark bugs in the sheets. I called front desk and reported this. They moved me to a higher floor. I was very worried so slept in my cloths or on something for the next couple of nights. The one night I did actually sleep in the bed I had intense itching arms and legs and a horrible rash. I didn't see anything but

to look at my legs you would have thought I'd been exposed to something very allergic in nature. They did there best to make up for whole stay with fruit and a coupon for $20. I would have much rather not had to endure any bugs or chemicals during this stay. I travel quite a bit and have never encountered this problem.

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